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Let Freedom Ring

Hmm, this should make a good escape vehicle.
Hmm, this should make a good escape vehicle.
Y'know, it's true what they say... there is a such thing as too much of a good thing. After taking a lengthy break from my then called "favorite game of all time", the fun within Grand Theft Auto IV has been rekindled. I initially popped the game in recently out of sheer boredom, tuned it to Free Mode, invited a few friends in, and had one hell of a good time.

Last night we had some pretty fun rivalries going on, plenty of carnage and cops getting all up in our grills, and we began discovering a lot of nifty areas located throughout the environment. For what seems to be a pretty standard city environment, Liberty City is jam-packed full of lots of little details and areas that seemingly have had lots of time and care put into them. No wonder this game cost the approximated 100+ million dollars to create, and 4 years of development. 

Oops, sorry about that.
Oops, sorry about that.
Getting a group of friends together to play online is the one thing that I've been nearly deprived of with this game though, honestly. Almost everyone I know has purchased the game, but almost nobody is willing to hop on and start some carnage. I know, I could play with the various millions logged on to Xbox Live each day, but... it's just not the same playing with total strangers as it is playing with people you are comfortable with and can joke around with and have competitions with. Hell, I've thought of a lot of pretty cool game modes and ideas that I'd love to play, but alas, haven't had the opportunity to get a squad of people that big together. Like, could you imagine getting a full 16 players in the game, all packing into a city bus, creating the drive-by armageddon vehicle, smashing and killing everything in your path, seeing how long you could last? Or splitting into teams and having one team claim an area of the map as their turf while other teams try to capture it and claim it for themselves? Sounds fun to me. If you guys want, maybe we can arrange some sort of Giant Bomb game night with us users. That could be fun.

Anyway Bombers, I am out.