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The Record's Been Broken! (again)

I haven't updated on LBP impressions because I've been TOO BUSY PLAYING IT! 

I just broke my all time record of playing a single game in one day: 17 hours, with LittleBigPlanet.

The servers were acting up pretty badly (probably being maintenanced or something), so I stopped... otherwise I have no doubt in my mind that I'd still be playing. It's crazy, I'm not even tired.

I said it last year, but I'll say it again... this is the best year in gaming. Last year was outstanding, but this year, I've played FOUR games that I consider to be worthy of the 10/perfect score. GTA4, MGS4, Mega Man 9, and now, LittleBigPlanet (and I feel this way after only playing the beta).

As with Mega Man 9, I'm not yet going to shout out GOTY winner yet on LBP, but let's just say this year's awards are going to be UGLY to decide for me.

Deeper impressions on LBP later, for now, I go. Later.

P.S. If anyone wants to check out my first actual level I published, search for Starry Adventure.