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Can't turn the camera so Lara's boobs are in your face! 2

Welcome Lara Croft fans! Now there are maybe some of you who are so die hard with the series, who joined back in the first outing, shooting tigers in the face in the first level, locking the old farting butler in the freezer, who say no! No sir! I shall not go for this installment! It's not even a Tomb Raider game with trademark "A-ha!" relic finding. Well to you, sir, I say correct. You've got it right there, this isn't a Tomb Raider game. The only similarities to previous installments are Lara...

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Bioshort 2 0

Right. This game focuses on Rapture, some years on from the first game. You are a big daddy looking to find your little sister because otherwise you have a massive brain-freeze and die.  Same basic linear environs of the previous game, go here do that, pull that knob, twist that etc. but the control system is so much better this time around. No longer do you have to switch out plasmids to use weapons. It's all about dual wielding. Freeze some splicer in mid air with your winter blast and shotgun...

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