Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

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  • The story was a little clunky, and the first level was a drag, but this game just felt so good to play. Smart level design, interesting characters I found myself loving and hating, and a level of replayability I don't find very often in single-player shooters.

  • Before Dragon Age came along, this was probably my most played game of the year - and hell, maybe it still is. I only play for a few minutes at a time, but that adds up quick. Despite playing it so much I'm still as hooked as ever, even if I'm kinda terrible at it.

  • Without the inventory and the maybe-unnecessarily cluttered Skyhold, this probably could have been number one. I sunk so many hours into Dragon Age that faults I could overlook in shorter games were all I could focus on after the honeymoon period ended. Despite the issues, it was a great ride.

  • The combat system was fine - it got a little dry by the second half, but nothing extreme - but that wasn't what kept me playing. Probably my vote for the funniest game writing since Portal 2, and there was a crazy fearlessness to the story that I loved.

  • I haven't played a Geometry Wars game before this one. Maybe it's bad compared to those, maybe it lost a lot of the charm - I wouldn't know. I know I had a lot of fun with this, though, even if I'm terrible at it.

  • The nemesis system sure is cool! Aside from that high point, though, a lot of Mordor left me cold. I didn't have fun exploring the open world, the characters left my head as soon as I turned off the game, and the story was forgettable at best and problematic at worst. There's just something about finally killing that orc who's stomped you a dozen times, though.

  • Jazzpunk worked for me maybe 75% of the time. The jokes came so fast that it wasn't going to be possible to make all of them land, but I still loved how hard it was trying, and how confident it was. Nothing about this game feels lazy, or accidental, or designed by committee. And for all the misses, some of the comedy in this game really worked for me.

  • This probably isn't a great game, but boy it's a pretty one. This year, this early in the console generation, that was enough for me.

  • Hey, turns out I'm not completely tired of Ubisoft's open worlds. Far Cry 4 has the same issues that make their other games nearly unplayable for me, but they don't stick out as much and sometimes they don't even bother me. Climbing towers actually requires some effort, nothing feels too pervasive, and the world feels a little more alive than something like Watch Dogs. Pagan Min is pretty great, too.

  • Sometimes I just like to lay in bed and relax with a game that doesn't require quick reflexes or deep concentration. Hearthstone scratches that itch.