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So I managed to completely keep myself free from spoilers going into this and when it posed the question I was tempted to look up on the internet if the game would ACTUALLY delete the save. I still had a lot I wanted to do in the game but I still chose to say Yes to help somebody else, the experience of watching all that hard work disappear in front of my eyes in exchange for helping someone else felt sad, beautiful and really tied together all the game's themes into something that affected me personally. Definitely one of the most memorable moments in a game I've ever had!

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If anyone wants some of the philosophical aspects of the game cleared up and analyzed, this is a worthwhile read:


Thanks for posting this - that cleared up a lot of questions I had!

Just finished this game and I have to say its one of the best games I've ever played. Not completely flawless but an absolute incredible marriage between an impactful story, really fun gameplay and one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. I was really, really looking forward to this game and it knocked it out of the park. The ending 'decision' about your save data was also a really, really clever touch that I felt actually took the themes of the game and made it affect the player. Just fantastic stuff all around.

Also, to quote someone else from this forum who I can't quite remember at this time (apologies) - I played with English voices and I think the guy who played 9S gave an absolutely incredible performance.

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I'm not too far in but I went with English - I love seeing how a game plays in a localized format and I find the whole process fascinating, also I think Kira Buckland absolutely rocks as 2B!

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@ajamafalous: Well, I can give you a pretty fresh opinion as I've just spent the last week and a half re-playing Awakening! I played it around the time it came out and got 70% of the way through (super enjoyed it though but you know how life has a habit of getting in the way) and with the release of Heroes I decided to go back, start from scratch and play through awakening before going back and playing through Fates (last summer I put about 60 hours into all three Fates games and didn't finish any of the three yeah yeah yeah I know i'm a terrible person).

So here's how I feel. You should absolutely play through Awakening> Birthright > Conquest but don't play them all together as you will probably burn out. I feel Awakening is quality over quantity and the Fates games are quantity over quality. I also feel it's a Persona 3/4 situation where the games all play very similarly and each one is a different spin on the same concept, if that makes sense. Also, there are references in Awakening that carry over to Birthright and Conquest (and I haven't played any of the previous games so I'm probably missing all the references in Awakening as well). It's really hard to decide between them but I'm EXTREMELY glad to have gotten back and played Awakening. It still totally stands up.

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I'm really having a TON of fun with it. I've managed to get a few friends into it and it's just a lot of fun for a Free-to-play mobile game, although i'm playing it on my iPad which I'm EXTREMELY glad I chose to do. The interface and artwork look amazing. It's scratching the itch that Terra Battle used to except this time I'm going to try to not fall down the casino hole of sinking a bunch of money into it to try and get characters. I sunk some money in at first to grab 20 Orbs just to give myself a head start but I'm going to be spending very sparsely on this, instead just run with it and see what happens. I hope Nintendo support it well!

It helps that I find the game really fun as well, I've had a few instances where I've tackled a map with a sub-par team and retried until I nailed it. It's actually pretty satisfying!

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So unlike a lot of people here, I found trying to 'non-lethal' my way through the first game ruined it for me. I stopped playing about half way through. I'm not sure what it was. I'm a huge fan of stealth games but in this series - the stealthier/ghost approach doesn't work for me here. Instead I've been playing Emily as someone who is trying her best not to hurt anyone but has a short enough temper that if she's discovered or if she's forced to can murder people at the drop of the hat. It's been extremely fun being free of the non-lethal constraints and just going crazy when i need to like a cornered animal. So i imagine i am hurtling towards the 'bad end' but so far i'm really enjoying my time with it.

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Just wondering if it's worth checking out?

Yes! I bought it lastnight (UK duder here) and although I only got a short time to give it a go it's absolutely fantastic. If you like the look of the kind of thing it's offering you will love it. Lastly, the soundtrack is superb! I thought it was going to be a good laugh but overall sort of bad. I've been pretty, pleasantly surprised. Definitely a Top 10 contender, but then this is my kind of game.

It kinda looks like it wouldn't feel great to play...Hard to explain....Like theres no weight to anything. Thats going off of the trailers + gameplay videos though. Curious if It'll have interesting mechanics as well. There seem to be at least some grapple moves.

For me to enjoy a beat em up it needs to at least feel impactfull when your character hits an enemy and there needs to be more going on than just mashing attack (Double dragon neon was great imo with asking you to use all your moves like rolling and parrying and stuff to get trough it or get wrecked)

Yeah, this was my biggest concern. It actually handles really nicely and the combat system feels well balanced.

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I've never played a game which, in previews, looked boring/generic/a total betrayal of the original source material and the minute I got my hands on it turned out to be FUCKING AMAZING! I really agree with the people who say 'you have to play it to understand why it's so good'. It feels incredible to play.

The shooting is the best i've ever experienced, the re imagining of the enemies is superb and the balance between linearity and open ended exploration/secrets is perfect. They nailed it in my books. Absolutely nailed it!

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@conker: I realize I only have to wait two days but I've been wondering this question for a while and your opinion seems pretty trustworthy! So, does it feel like a Doom game along the lines of the originals or does it feel like a Serious Sam/Bulletstorm/Painkiller game? (If you haven't played those games then I apologize for the dumb question)

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I'm definitely maining D.Va - jumping into the backline and causing as much chaos as possible is just soooooooooo much fun, and that animation that plays when you enter the mech is cool as hell. I also really like Winston for the same reason, he's great at hunting down snipers and supports. Lastly, Symmetra because hiding 6 turrets above a doorway and getting Elimination messages popping up randomly never stops being funny.