Electrocutie's Games of 2018 Thing

Another year, another one of these.

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  • Sony Santa Monica did a couple of things I never thought possible, they made me care about the characters and story of a God of War game and gave this series a much needed reimagining. God of War is a beautiful game and not just in the visuals, which are fantastic, but as a whole. It's been quite a long time since I've felt so strongly about a game and even longer since I've agreed with most sites on Game of the Year (The last being Mass Effect 2 in 2010) While not every part of the game is perfect, God of War get so many elements right that I'm hard pressed to think of a game I loved more this year.

    If you know me at all, you'll know that I've had a tough time in recent years getting invested in Singleplayer games, my shitty brain is too wired to progression systems in multiplayer games at this point. So it says a whole lot that Sony managed it with two games this year, God of War and another game of this list Marvel's Spider-Man. This game is the first time in a very long time that I not only was able to sit down and just not stop playing, but also that when I finally did stop playing in a session I'd go "Oh shit, it's 3 AM."

    God of War is lengthy, even in my first run through the game skipping all of Muspelheim and Niflheim, the game still took me 3 long days of nonstop playtime, but never once did it feel like a drag. The game is paced in such a way that I never got bored, you get upgrades at the right times which lead to me wanting to try them out, which lead to me seeing the next story segment.

    The story and characters of God of War was for me as a lover of different mythologies, especially Norse, was just so goddamn good. I don't want to talk too much about the story in case anyone reading this hasn't played the game yet, but I feel like this game used the Norse mythology better than all three of the Original Trilogy used Greek. The reveal at the end and the reveal of what Tyr was up to has me so excited for whatever comes next.

    Anyways God of War is my personal game of the year, it's a near perfect game for me.

  • Probably my favorite Racing/Driving game since Burnout Paradise, Forza Horizon 4 is a delight to just drive around the streets and open fields of the UK.

  • Destiny 2 Forsaken is finally the sequel to Destiny Rise of Iron I wanted out of the original release last year. Destiny 2 had an extremely rocky launch, the honeymoon period was great but after only a few weeks it was clear that there was very little good about the original Destiny 2.

    I won't excuse that it really sucks you need Forsaken for Destiny 2 to finally be good, but hey Forsaken is REALLY fucking good. Great changes to the core systems of Destiny 2, an enjoyable story campaign with solid writing and one of the better endings in any Destiny story.

    There's so much to do and see in Destiny 2 Forsaken, Bungie does it again and fixes what they fucked up...

  • Black Ops 4 is the first Call of Duty game I've enjoyed since 2014's Advanced Warfare, unless you play these games purely for Campaign, I think this is the best Call of Duty in years. It has issues, especially in the Multiplayer side of things, but the Zombies offers are fun and varied and Blackout is probably the best Battle Royale experience on the market today.

  • I love the Hitman series but after Absolution being a massive disappointment, I was SO happy to see Hitman deliver and Hitman 2 doubles down on the stupid humor of this series. Not much more I can say about this one, it's more Hitman and that's a fantastic thing. The new levels are awesome and the briefcase... The goddamn briefcase.

  • I've always liked the idea of these sorts of survival type games, but most of them are either absolute messes or are just super boring. I don't think The Forest solves all the problems with this genre but there's a bunch they do right in this game. The building system is really cool, I had fun just chopping down trees and making buildings and traps.

  • I haven't played as much Lethal League Blaze as I'd like, but anytime I sit down to play a few matches with friends it's a whole lot of fun. The one hit kill nature of the original made the game's frantic pace hard to get into, but with all the smart changes in this sequel Blaze got me.