MicroComments #3

I had written most of this weeks ago, which is why I mostly refer to games released last month. I didn't really get a chance to post, and probably won't post again for a while, because I bought heaps of games in the past month, with many more to come.

Console Crashers

I wanted to show Castle Crashers to a friend of mine, so I took my hard drive to his house and plugged it into his 360. When I fired up the game, I was shocked to see that my game save didn't exist when it was in his console, and when I got home it didn't come back either. I had since started a new, completed game save (and isn't the game just so awesome!) but they really should have noticed and fixed this before release.

The exact same issue is in Braid as well, so I couldn't show off one of the later levels to the same friend. My save wiped for it too, but luckily not only have I already finished it but I really enjoyed finishing it again.

Olympic Cheater Revealed

My friend that I spoke of earlier is a highly proficient button-masher. He played a bunch of Track & Field while signed in with my gamertag.

He thrashed all of my records and half the achievements were unlocked by him. I feel kinda bad about that.

Since then I haven't been playing it at all. The fact that they aren't really my records on the leaderboards actually makes me feel worthless when I play it now.

D-Pad Of Death

I've never had a problem with the Xbox 360's D-pad. This was only because I was yet to own a game that should mainly use the D-pad.

My day has finally come.

After playing a good amount of SoulCalibur IV, my D-pad has become a hideous monster. It's forced me to use the control stick in Bionic Commando Rearmed.

I guess in a way it's good timing that these new controllers with the fixed D-pads may be obtainable, but damn that Microsoft. They should've fixed all these hardware issues a lot sooner.

If my D-pad had red lights they would've burnt out by now.

Playstation NotWork

I've come across a seemingly unimportant issue, but for someone who likes his internet alias to be the same everywhere, this is big.

The letters "XXX" are not permitted within a PSN ID, and as a result the global name of elektrixxx will never be on the Playstation Network. I've had to settle for the horrible alternative of "elektrixx".

I've tried to get some PSN AU support staff to register the alias for me, with a small hope that they can bypass banned phrases, but they can't do it.

A simple thing like this means that the Xbox 360 will definitely be my main outlet for multiplatform games. Sorry Sony, you've lost me for yet another generation, and possibly forever if these PSN ID's are a forever type thing too.

Double-D L C-Cups

The latest SoulCalibur IV bundle comes complete with a school girl outfit, sailor outfit and other junk. This goes perfect with the previous DLC consisting of maid outfits and other stupid garbage.

First of all, don't get me wrong, I dig hot chicks in games, but they really need something better in their DLC than what they're rolling out now.

I don't really need to rant about this in particular. I've already bought a game which features Ivy, Sophitia and other eye-opening women so I can't talk. Instead I'll just conclude with:

When creating custom chick characters you can't lose when you set the physique to max and set the muscularity up a slight amount. The only reason for that is so that their skin shines a little better. You'll see...

You're welcome.