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Now all your bros. can play. 0

Despite the name, New Super Mario Bros. Wii bares more similarity to previous titles than any other recent Mario game. Not only is it an overflowing nostalgia injection, but an awesome 2D platformer that anybody can get in to.The word "New" in the name only separates this game's name and release date from other 2D Mario titles but not the gameplay. The player controls the game with the Wii remote held sideways, however the game offers for nunchuk use if you prefer the analog stick. The tested Ma...

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87 bazillion... funs! 8

Borderlands breaks the mould of other recent shooting games by having a lengthy single player experience with the option of co-op. The role-playing game aspects of levelling up and the barrage of loot unite with this shooting game to bring an addictive experience. The game's story tells of residents on the barren planet of Pandora on the search for a fabled secret vault rumoured to be filled with unseen alien technology. The player controls one person joining the hunt, but after about an hour th...

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Activision can't kill the metal. 1

If you've only seen trailers, official gameplay video or even played the demo of Brütal Legend you might think you know exactly how it plays, but as you experience the game it shows itself as a range of gameplay elements rolled into one. Combined with engaging characters voiced by celebrities of metal, excellent writing and a hard hitting soundtrack this combines into an excellent package, provided you like all the components. When some of the voice cast essentially play themselves, it's not har...

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An RTS on a console done right that would make Halo fans proud. 6

When Halo: Combat Evolved was in development it was originally a real-time strategy game for the Mac before Microsoft acquired Bungie Studios. The game (and eventually the series) became a first-person shooter but the original idea had remained dormant, until now. A more than competent developer has taken the Halo reigns into new territory, and a more than competent addition to the Halo series has emerged.The CG cutscenes in the campaign have excellent production valueThe Halo Wars story follows...

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Dude, they almost nailed it! 1

Moves which seen tame on the Tony Hawk's games feel great and rewarding hereAfter the release of "skate." in 2007, many were surprised by it's trampling of Tony Hawk's Proving Ground which was released shortly after. The game's fresh and more realistic take on the skating genre proved popular with consumers, despite the game having issues simply from being a new untested series. In skate 2, the satisfying gameplay remains and then some, but some problems from the original game also make a return...

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