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2019 Top 10+

Very hard to choose an overall game of the year

Many great games for different reasons and for different tastes

Bioware strike 2

Respawn best new EA dev

Capcom on a roll

Long awaited darlings finally arrive

Focus Home Interactive shining bright

AA games kicking it with the big boys

Rogue-likes and Rogue-lites

Zombie Hordes

List items

  • Positives:

    + The sense of exploration, discovery and wonder is outstanding

    + Free to tackle things in which order you want

    + The mini functional solar system and passage of time, makes doing anything exciting since the world doesn't revolve around you.

    + Interesting planets

    + Cool Macro level puzzles to solve

    + Interesting storyline and lore to piece together

    + Really gets it's hooks into you once you start making sense of what's going on

    + Does a lot with very simplistic graphics. Can be very impressive visually at times thanks to great design.

    + Unique and exciting on a budget

    + The music becomes quite memorable and is a good fit overall

    + A game that feels both small and big at the same time. "Wide as a puddle, deep as an ocean".


    - Some stutters here and there

    - Some jankyness due to the nature of the game

    - Again, the visuals are very simplistic and certain areas can look very dull.

    - While the art style grew on me over time, it's initially a bit unappealing and surely resulted in a lot of people writing the game off because of how it looks.

    - The game only "takes off" once you actually take off, the initial first couple of minutes may loose some people

  • Positives:

    + Kojima is back (and is unhinged)

    + Some of the most beautiful (and massive feeling) environments I've traversed in a game.

    + The right track kicks in at the right time while traversing

    + Peaceful and chill for the most part (great pallet cleanser)

    + A game where the environment is the main enemy.

    + Graphics are really top tier

    + Love most of the character models, great design

    + Acting and facial animations are on point. Great performances from damn near every main actor.

    + Helping other players and stumbling upon help from them (the whole social strand system is quite great)

    + Some great positive themes and messages (a game that has something meaningful to say and isn't afraid of it)

    + Things fall pretty neatly into place at the end.

    + Lots of great gadgets and rewards peppered over the course of the adventure, keeps things interesting.

    + Sound design is pretty great and love the use of licensed tracks.

    + Liked the fact that all the scenes they showed prior to the game's launch actually made it into the game.


    - Game can feel very dumb at times despite also being quite genius (it's a Kojima game alright)

    - Some of the writing is downright cringe. Seriously Kojima, hire some writers to help.

    - A bit to convoluted at times

    - Hard to recommend to others because of some of these dumb moments and the relatively slow start.

    - Outside of BB's theme and the licensed tracks, I wished I loved the original soundtrack more. Feels a bit too...just ok

    - The Menu's needed to be better.

    - Combat stuff feels shoehorned in

    - While spectacular, boss fights are very simple

  • Positives:

    + Singleplayer is present and it's a solid one

    + Warzone is one of the best and largest Battle Royal maps I have played, and it's free for all

    + Free DLC maps and content. Finally we're seeing Activison a bit less greedy.

    + Cross platform play. Great to see this supported in more games.

    + Back to the Modern Setting

    + Return to a darker grittier tone

    + Significant visual and technological upgrade over the last one. One of the better looking and playing FPS's of the generation.

    + Still runs great on most machines.

    + Weapons feel even better then ever to shoot.

    + The Battlefield like mode is a pretty cool addition and should serve as a warning to Battlefield to step it's game up

    + Soundtrack is great and complements the new tone nicely.

    + Sound design is solid

    + Probably the best "bang for your buck" in the entire series to date. And pretty much the most solid game in the series of this generation.

    + Letting you uninstall components that you do not wish, to make space


    - Still quite plagued with micro transactions and battle passes

    - Texture loading issues still persist, especially in multiplayer matches.

    - The game is HUGE, taking well above 200 GB of space if you want everything installed

    - Can't seem to remove Warzone from the package

    - Frequent large updates that impede your ability to just drop in and have a quick match is annoying (thanks to Warzone)

    - Some crashes

    - Even though it's one of the most solid entries in the franchise, it's still pretty silly to think that we're already rebooting Modern Warfare. They really need to slow down and support their titles long term, rather then releasing a new one every year.

  • "Never played the original"


    + Looks absolutely gorgeous

    + Plays very well

    + Oozes polish

    + Wonderful use of sound

    + Great acting and mostly good writing

    + Has great atmosphere

    + Zombies dismemberment

    + It's scary and tense

    + Mr. X is a perfect wild card

    + Good balance of resources

    + The RPD is a very well designed level

    + Makes me really hopeful for the future of the series


    - I wish the B route was less repetitive and had more clever differences and connections to the A route. Felt like a wasted potential.

    - The later areas aren't as good as the RPD

    - The side characters mission's aren't very inspired and kind of a slog to get through.

    - Feels like it needed 1 or 2 more enemy types

    - The boss fights are not very good

    - Not the biggest fan of the extra modes as that isn't really the aspect of RE 2 that I like the most.

    #TheSweetSpot: Looking at the map of the area planning your next moves while also carefully managing your inventory only to have Mr. X appear forcing you to react on the fly and change up your plan.

  • Already a big surprise this year, not only did this game came from nowhere but it also managed to make Battle Royale feel like a fully fleshed genre and not only an afterthought or game mode.

    This is one of my favorite BR games, I like how well it is designed and streamlined so that even folks like me can get into it but it still has enough of a skill ceiling for you to want to get better.

    I will say I am a bit sad we are not getting Titanfall 3 because of this, but I am willing to wait some more for TF3 and will play this in the meanwhile.

  • Positives:

    + The atmosphere is thick and good

    + The game has a lot of heart and soul poured into it

    + It looks really good and is graphically very impressive despite some of the jank

    + Variety

    + Has that trademark East European feel (I would know)

    + Immersive

    + The characters grow on you

    + Feels like a journey

    + Creepy and uneasy

    + Open areas that let you explore and have side missions

    + Weapons customization and overall weapon feel

    + Stealth opportunities

    + Some cool dynamic weather effects

    + Dynamic time of day


    - Some of the sound design is very amateurish

    - Movement can feel to sluggish at times (though it's probably by design)

    - Way too dark at times. Had to mess with the brightness quite a bit.

    - The writing isn't as strong as you would expect, at least for character dialogue.

    - Voice acting tries too hard to sound russian, also they constantly talk over eachother and make it hard to understand anything.

    - Some regions/seasons aren't as good as the others

  • Positives:

    + The overall acting is really good

    + Most of the writing is competent

    + I particularly like Sam Witwer's portrayal of Deacon, makes the character stand out

    + A lot of the side characters are also quite memorable and good

    + Good weather effects

    + Atmosphere

    + Bike riding feels great

    + The zombie hordes are impressive and intimidating

    + The world is dangerous making you play carefully

    + The game looks good and is fairly well polished

    + Gets better the deeper you go in it, both the story and the gameplay

    + Long story


    - Zombies...again

    - Combat just doesn't feel as good as it could

    - A bit too many familiar formulas, would have like a few more original ideas

    - Has some slowdowns when riding the bike fast through areas

    - The first half of the game isn't as good as the second half

  • Positive:

    + Back to old stylish DMC

    + Graphics are great

    + Runs smooth for the most part

    + Fast, tight action with little in the way of compromises

    + The soundtrack is awesome all around and has some real bangers

    + Dynamic music

    + The announcer is a nice touch

    + Cool monster and character design

    + Environments can look real nice at times

    + Nico is the best new character in the series

    + Replayable

    + Bloody Palace

    + Boss fights are good and plenty

    + Like the fact that you can view the model of all the monsters and bosses

    + Some nice homages to the series

    + When present, Cameos can be quite cool


    - Story was a bit nonsensical. Literally Kingdom Hearts level.

    - Sad that one character had minimal screen time and wasn't playable

    - Didn't like the way the game treated Lady and Trish, also wish they were playable or at least would help more.

    - There is a hint of cool co-op potential, but it's not built upon enough.

    - While the areas themselves look alright, the levels are all too straightforward and dull

    - Lack of any meaningful diversity other then combat. Puzzles and platforming are barely present.

    - There is one boss fight track I found really disappointing

    - Not being able to switch between the various devil breakers freely is very odd. Having a button that destroys a devil breaker placed so in your way is also odd and bad.

  • Complete Edition


    + Lots of destructibility and objects to fling around

    + Love the special effects

    + Fun combat

    + Style

    + Pretty good atmosphere, even a bit spooky

    + The Oldest House

    + Some good voice acting

    + The weird but enticing world they created

    + More open nature of the game

    + Paranormal stuff

    + Ashtray maze

    + Light RPG mechanics

    + Side quests hold some cool rewards and encounters


    - Dying can be extra annoying since you have to walk all the way back from the nearest activated control point

    - Load times should be shorter after death

    - Gets a bit repetitive after a while

    - Throwing objects is a bit too useful

    - Ending was a bit meh

    - Could have used better puzzles or even some light platforming to diversify the gameplay rhythm

    - The Map isn't very usefull

  • Positives:

    + Visuals are overall good but quite inconsistent

    + Level design

    + map variation

    + Combat

    + Sound

    + Characters

    + Takes many elements from various games and makes it work for the most part


    - Texture pop in

    - Frame rate

    - Load times

    - Bugs

    - Needs better customization elements

    - A surprisingly buggy/unpolished AAA games

  • Positives:

    + Gripping story

    + Good looking

    + Fun combat

    + Good acting

    + New characters, Interesting characters

    + Wacky side-quests

    + Kamurocho feels more alive then ever, good atmosphere

    + Building relationships with people around the city

    + Being a detective in this world is a cool angle

    + Pretty good starting point if you've never played one of the Yakuza games and want to see how it is.

    + Plenty of mini games to loose time to

    + Great localization


    - Still very much built on the same blueprint as Yakuza, can feel samey for people playing all these games. Wish it had a few more differentiating elements.

    - Chases and Trailing mini-games could be a bit better. Especially since they are a pretty big part of the game. Also what is the point of the keys mini-game ?

    - Pacing is a bit off, sometimes the story seems to stall for time.

    - Wished there was more courtroom drama/gameplay.

    - Ending feels a bit rushed in places. But it still is satisfying.

  • Positives:

    + Graphics are really solid

    + Gameplay feels really good when you get the hang of it. You really end up feeling like a Ace.

    + The story and a lot of the presentation gives me "Metal Gear in the sky" vibes.

    + Story and characters are surprisingly solid

    + The feeling of flying is intoxicating sometimes, but also scary

    + Getting sweaty palms quite often

    + Soundtrack is awesome

    + Sound is also good, voice acting has that Metal Gear melodrama and cheese

    + I vibed surprisingly well with the cutscenes as well

    + The weather effects and their impact on the gameplay

    + Mission variety is quite good. You will need to switch up planes and tactics often.


    -Missile, missile, missile



    -Pull up


    -Can't play more then 1 mission at a time because it can be so intense. Also i dreaded having to start over.

  • Positives:

    + Looks and plays great, best looking fighting game so far

    + Feels high budget

    + Exceptionally done Story mode

    + Character customization and loot

    + Really like that you cand change and that there are more intros and outros for the characters.

    + Best Krypt so far

    + Brutal, as always, but flashy

    + The character's faces finally look right

    + Like the new super and bar changes

    + The sound work is also very strong

    + Good soundtrack

    + The acting is also a step up for the most part

    + Love the look of the new maps and the overall atmosphere of the game

    + Being able to complete towers using AI controlled fighter


    - As always, it's better to wait for the inevitable Complete edition that comes with all of the DLC characters. Unless you just can't control yourself.

    - Wish there was an option to earn DLC characters without having to spend money.

    - Too many in-game currencies. Keep it simple people.

    - Some of the Towers of Time can feel extra frustrating

  • Positives:

    + The dismemberment system is once again a cool way to gain new gear, treating each new enemy like a store mannequin.

    + Has an extra dose of personality now

    + More interesting NPCs to interact with

    + Some grinding can help if you are struggling with a specific fight

    + "Grinding" is quite fun in this

    + Different bonuses for different sets of armor

    + More boss fights then in the 1st one (though they seem to be a bit easier)

    + Jericho city is fairly nice to explore and open up new pathways in

    + New Game + changes and adds some things, just like in the first one.


    - Some textures don't load properly

    - UI could use some improvements

    - Some bugs and glitches (glitched out of the map once while executing someone)

    - Story still wasn't anything too interesting

    - A few recycled bosses

    - Didn't really feel the need to switch to a different weapon then the strongest one I had, even though there are many weapons to choose from

    - It's more of the same as the first one, wished it was a bit more ambitious

  • Positives:

    + A souls-like with guns

    + Some randomized elements

    + Fun Co-Op experience

    + Made surprisingly well

    + Plenty of boss fights and interesting enemies to fight


    - Most environments feel like empty large corridors

    - Some bugs

  • Positives:

    + The world is beautiful and has a lot of atmosphere

    + Awesome real world locations/landmarks to see and fight in

    + Really feels like summer

    + Co-op is great

    + Like the small tour you get of the new dark zones

    + Like some of the new gadgets you have at your disposal

    + Enemies feel slightly less bullet spongy then in the last one

    + The soundtrack is surprisingly good

    + Satisfying seeing the various camps improve because of your actions

    + Pretty nice open world activities

    + Matchmaking is quite easy and painless


    - Texture load problems quite often

    - Some sound problems as well

    - Always online

    - Given the nature of the setting, the character customization isn't going to be too impressive (All sorts of short sleeved shirts and glasses, pants etc.)

    - Game feels a bit on the easy side, even if you are 2 levels below your enemy

  • Positives:

    + Much more fun to play alone then Wildlands, feels like an open world splinter cell at times.

    + Auroa really grows on you. The setting is pretty fresh and looks amazing at times.

    + Ghost War is in from the start and is just as fun as it was in Wildlands, despite some changes.

    + Exploration mode was a nice little addition that somewhat removes mindless waypoint hunting

    + Jon Bernthal's acting is solid, though could have used more scenes.


    - End mission bugged so that I can't finish the story (had to resort to watch it online)

    - Some elements feel half baked and not fleshed out enough (survival elements, loot...)

    - The bullet spongy Behemoths feel...unnecessary for a game like this. I'm not entirely against stronger foes to keep you on your toes like some of the other drones though.

    - Still too many overused elements and not enough new original ideas

    - Gets quite repetitive after a while

    - Haven't had too much luck matchmaking for coop, pvp works alright though.

  • Positives:

    + It's art style is still nice and made the next gen transition quite well

    + It's humor is mostly hit or miss, but it made me chuckle a couple of times so I'll give it a +

    + Appreciated the fact that they didn't forget about Tales from the Borderlands

    + Enjoyed seeing some of the returning characters

    + Soundtrack is really good

    + It was nice finding out some of the backstory behind the weapon manufacturers

    + Story had some unexpected moments

    + Voice actors put on a mostly good performance, especially considering the material they had to work with.

    + Boss fights are alright

    + Good number of enemy types to fight

    + Some nice environmental variety

    + TONS of loot, sometimes a bit too much tbh.


    - Feels like a very safe sequel, not too many innovations. Especially considering how long it has been since Borderlands 2

    - Game doesn't run as well on the PS4 pro even on Performance mode, at times. Play on PC or wait for Next gen version.

  • Positives:

    + Finally came out

    + Didn't turn out terrible or unfinished

    + Looks gorgeous

    + Mixes different visual styles pretty successfully

    + Combat is fun and really flashy

    + Some enemy designs are pretty cool

    + Soundtrack is as epic as you would expect

    + The Caribbean world

    + That scene from Frozen

    + Lots of awesome boss fights

    + Game is really technically impressive at times

    + The last few hours deliver on what fans expected and are hype as hell

    + Lots of nods and winks to people that played all the games

    + Plenty of emotional moments

    + Does a fairly good job closing this arc and opening the door to another


    - Some worlds are better then others, and more fleshed out.

    - The brunt of the story and memorable moments take place at the end of the game.

    - I didn't personally care much for the Gummi Ship sections and felt they ruined the flow of the game a bit.

    - The writing and delivery of most lines varies from terrible to mediocre.

    - People new to this will be completely lost

    - People who haven't played or know all the KH games will also miss on some potentially great moments

    - Lack of Final Fantasy

    - Some characters barely get any spotlight and are handled poorly

    - Not that much to do after you are done with the story

    - Your X button is going to cry

    #TheSweetSpot: The final couple of hours where the story of the entire series culminates in a series of awesome boss battles and revelations while your combat skill is put to the test, awesome music playing in the background.

  • Positives:

    + Surprisingly good graphics for a game of it's budget

    + Character models look pretty

    + The rat swarms are impressive

    + Isn't afraid to get "dark"

    + The sister brother bond of Amicia and Hugo

    + Fitting Soundtrack

    + Nice atmosphere

    + The final stretch of the game is pretty cool, in a gamey way

    + Longer then you'd expect


    - Character animations are kind of stiff, a clear sign of the lower budget

    - The fairly rudimentary facial animation doesn't do the beautiful character faces any favors

    - While not bad, the writing and voice acting is a bit hit or miss which keeps it from being it's best

    - If you wanted a more serious take on the plague, this ain't it. The game really goes some crazy places with it's rat plague and story. Which is a bit more fun overall but less so if you wanted something more serious. It also kind of muddies the tone of the game a bit I think.

    - The puzzles are pretty simple

  • Positives:

    + Cool cell shaded art style

    + Some good humor

    + Replayable and slightly addicting


  • Positives:

    + Better then Mass Effect Andromeda

    + Looks really good (despite being a downgrade from what was first shown)

    + Overall gameplay and feel of combat is solid across all 4 Javelin types

    + Flying around is cool and feels good

    + The acting is quite competent and most facial animations are on point

    + The characters and story are better then in most games of this type ( Destiny 1, The Division 1)

    + The scale and verticality of the world

    + Soundtrack sounds appropriately alien

    + Owning all 4 javelins on the same account

    + Being able to change the javelin colors as you see fit


    - Game being always online and kicking me out if my internet connection drops

    - Loading screens can take a while

    - Wish there was more visual customization (Armor parts)

    - Repetitive mission objectives

    - The launch bay social space is very bare bones and clearly an afterthought

    - Only being able to see and equip what loot you got after finishing the mission

    - Lacking on post-game content (could use more strongholds and a Raid type event)

    - Seems to have been all but forgotten by EA and Bioware, killing it's long term potential

  • Positives:

    + Graphics are so much better then you'd think.

    + Art style is hit or miss but I think they did great with what they had.

    + Single player, Co-Op and PvP modes

    + 4 total single player/co-op maps to get through and explore (2 for zombies, 2 for plants)

    + Good selection of different classes with different play styles

    + Fun and fast to just jump in and play with others

    + Constantly wacky and endearing


    - Weird that they didn't just call this Garden Warfare 3 as the game is still quite similar to previous ones. Felt like they lost some potential buyers because of it.

    -Micro-transactions in a fully priced game

    - Some classes are more fun to play then others

  • Positives:

    + Looks fairly good for a game of it's size

    + Gunplay is fast and furious and fun

    + Runs well

    + Lots of upgrades to keep you playing

    + The abilities are pretty rad and add a lot to combat


    - The ingame menu is really terrible in almost every way

    - Outside of the combat, the game is quite mediocre

    - Car combat and driving in general is pretty bad

    - The world feels bland and empty

    - The "Mad Crazy Apocalypse" vibe is very generic and can end up feeling cringy

    - Story and characters are completely forgettable

    - A lot of uninspired design decisions

    - Game is pretty easy on normal

  • Positives:

    + Looks really great for the most part

    + Once again the art style shines

    + Plays smooth and fast

    + The more open explorable levels are nice

    + Like the german covers of 80's songs

    + Co-Op is a neat addition


    - The story takes a back seat over everything else and just isn't as engaging

    - While I don't dislike them, it's clear that the two sisters just aren't great substitutes for their father and could have been done better

    - Some of the satisfaction of the weapons is lessened because enemies are much more bullet spongy now

    - Weird that the Nazi's still use a lot of the same tech from years ago

    - Can't dual wield all the guns like in the previous ones

    - Wooden boxes should break a bit easier

  • Positives:

    + Beautiful lush world (despite not making sense)

    + Disc launcher is cool

    + The expeditions are a welcomed neat addition

    + Like the idea of harder versions of the same outposts/expeditions (added replayability)

    + Companions are enjoyable once again and augment your playstyle.

    + Stealth

    + Some of the characters have fun personalities.


    - Framerate isn't as good as it should be for a smooth experience

    - Gun feel/Game feel is a bit lacking

    - Little in the way of innovation or meaningful improvements/changes

    - Sometimes it takes way too long to load into one of the buy menus

  • Positives:

    + The art style is quite nice at times

    + Pretty cool character creator

    + Some nice character, weapon and monster designs

    + Like the different shrouds/mantles and their unique charge attacks

    + Having partners with you to help on your journey is a breath of fresh air over other games like this, kind of like an easy mode .

    + The game has some emotional moments, wasn't expecting that.

    + Can invite other players to help you, like in Bloodborn, Nioh, Dark souls


    - The environments can be pretty bland and barren for the most part

    - Not all the character designs are in good taste, notably many of the female ones. They look...just a bit "too much" at times.

    - The Cathedral level was just too damn long

  • Positives:

    + New experimental take on the series, ended up being pretty good

    + Maps with plenty of secrets

    + Finally getting to play as Strife, and the return of War as a bonus

    + Split screen co-op

    + Still manages to feel like Darksiders despite the perspective change

    + Good soundtrack

    + Cool designs

    + Quite lengthy and revisiting levels is encouraged

    + Horseback riding and combat (looking at you Darksiders 3)


    - Buggy and a bit janky

    - Climbing around on ledges and poles feels awkward

    - Puzzles are neat, but not very cerebral

  • Positives:

    + Replayable

    + Neat cell shaded minimalist artstyle

    + Multiple classes with different play styles

    + Good soundtrack

    + Multiplayer

    + Lots of neat upgrades that can stack and add some variety


    - Had some problems connecting with other people

    - Playing alone wasn't as fun

    - Repetitive and mindless at times

  • (Unfinished)


    + Chill and cozy

    + Building is easy and fun

    + Story, characters and objectives in a minecraft-like

    + Adorable

    + The Dragon Quest setting is used nicely

    + Story and characters are quite good for this kind of game

    + Watching characters react to your feats and just go about their daily lives

    + Exploration is also fun and the game has a good sense of adventure


    - Can still end up feeling a lot like busy work at times

    - Requires some serious time investment

    - Can take an awful long time to have most things open up to you

  • (Unfinished)


    + Good ol' old school platformed

    + Pleasant looking, colorful and cheerful

    + Great music

    + Simple gameplay but tough to master

    + Whimsical world and characters

    + Loved the alternate stage versions and how to get them

    + Fairly good designed levels

    + Liked opening up the overworld and finding new secrets and paths


    - Could of used a few more gameplay mechanics, plenty room for expanding

    - Still not as tight as something like Donkey Kong or Mario over at Nintendo, but beggars can't be choosers

    - Would have liked more boss fights

  • (Unfinished)


    + Nice brotherly bonding story

    + Can get quite "real" at times

    + Very cozy and chill sometimes

    + Liked some of the side characters too

    + Multiple choices with real impact on the story and characters

    + Good drama

    + Some nice attention to detail around environments and areas


    - Final episode not included on the disc...major fail

    - Voice acting isn't the best, but is serviceable


  • Positives:

    + Exhilarating and challenging Cop chases

    + Great licensed tracks

    + Original soundtrack is also pretty good

    + Managed to create one of my friends in the game (Avatar selection)

    + Love the car customization options (one of my favorite in the series)

    + Some nice presentation (like the neon's around the car loading screens)

    + Return of high risk/reward chases similar to Rivals

    + Pretty good selection of cars and they are all fun to customize.

    + Cops can also chase other cars

    + Lots of destructible stuff on the tracks that lead to you not getting stuck on the environment as much


    - Texture load problems

    - Very hit or miss visually

    - Story is quite forgettable and so are most of the characters (again)

    - Some level gating behind rep can be annoying

    - Cops can feel too hard too shake at times. The lack of any real pursuit breakers was felt.

    - Not enough event diversity or good feel of progression. Felt like I was doing the same tracks over and over just to get the necessary bank and rep to make it to the next story mission.

  • (in progress)

  • Positives:

    + Loads of Zombies on screen at once

    + Different characters and scenarios to keep things fresh


    - Quite repetitive

  • (Unfinished)

  • (in progress)


    + Free

    + The simple addition of the portal mechanic adds quite a nice extra layer of creativity and strategy

    + Surprisingly fun

    + Neat alternative to Halo for us non Xbox owners

    + Highlight reel worthy moments


    - Visuals could have been a bit more inspired (feels too much like budget Halo)

    - Same could go for some of the character models

    - None of the cosmetics caught my eye

  • (in progress)


    + Beautiful visuals

    + Unique and lovely concept

    + Not about killing or beating up but about understanding

    + The genies are charming and look cool

    + Creating visuals on walls is neat

    + Constantly finding new things to draw was good

    + Very nice step above their last game (Entwined)


    - Can't really free draw anything. Would have been nice as an option at times.

    - Very light on the puzzle solving

  • + Great music album

  • + Honk

  • Positives:

    + The developers best game yet

    + Playing as a Diplomat was quite refreshing and you feel the part

    + The Fall/Autumn setting was nice

    + Most environments looked quite well

    + Playing the role of a colonial interacting with natives, while a very touchy subject, was handled quite tactfully I think.

    + Enjoyed the various groups and their views, and liked trying to be as diplomatic as possible


    - Lip-sync and facial animations are not at the greatest caliber

    - Combat is pretty poor

    - Feels like there is not enough enemy variety

    - You are an errand boy, could use some more gameplay variety

    - Maybe should have ended a bit earlier. Parts at the end dragged.

  • (Unfinished)

  • (Unfinished)

  • (Unfinished)


    + Has an endearing old school charm

    + The atmosphere of the locations is good

    + Music is pleasant but can get repetitive

    + I enjoyed the smaller and more intimate feel of the game

    + Lots of detail around the environments

    + A nice collection of minigames and other activities

    + The game grows on you after a while and if you are willing to give it a chance. Think of it as playing a game from 2000.

    + Feels like it's made with love towards older Shenmue fans.


    - Hard to recommend to people that never played Shenmue. And maybe for even some that did.

    - First few hours will be hard unless you have played the series before and know what to expect

    - Decided to turn the difficulty down so to better enjoy myself, and I did.

    - Grindy

    - The acting is wooden and quite terrible

    - Animations are pretty stiff

    - Lots of repeat dialogue, and most of the dialogue isn't too good. Characters feel stupid.

    - The game sure likes to take it's time

    - Clearly needed a bigger budget and bigger team to pull off a game that would do well in today's market.

    - Older titles are better and more impressive considering when they came out.

  • Positives:

    + Looks good

    + Binatural audio

    + Final level is pretty impressive and almost saves the whole game (Spoiler: It doesn't)

    + Bullet

    + When the game actually allows it, it has some nice atmosphere.


    - Feels terribly generic

    - Doesn't leverage the IP in anyway original or interesting

    - Didn't really care about the main character

    - Feels more like a haunted house experience then an actual living breathing world.

    - The "enemies" are either lame or pretty meh

    - Too "flashy and loud" at times. Less is more, especially with an IP like this.

    - It tried too hard to be a big flashy AAA horror game, when I think with Blair Witch it would have worked better to be smaller and more effective. Capture the spirit of the original movie.

  • Positives:

    + The Curator

    + Some good atmosphere

    + Love some of the camera angles. Appreciate it sticking to a fixed camera perspective.

    + At times it can look really good

    + I like the anthology idea and I wish they get to make many more of these games (just hope the quality goes up)


    - Is a step down from Until Dawn in many ways.

    - Too many jump scares, it feels cheap and even ruins the horror at times

    - The acting is pretty mediocre and the writing is very poor. But I guess it works in a B movie kind of way.

    - It controls pretty bad at times, moving the character around is more annoying then it should be

    - Game has very limited gameplay due to it's nature. Wish it balanced that with more diverse scenarios and mechanics.

    - It's really short

  • (Unfinished)

  • (Unfinished)


    + Volta

    + Managed to create myself in the game


  • (Unfinished)

  • Positives:

    + Graphics looks pretty but won't blow you away

    + Character models look nice and are high detail

    + Gameplay is fun and fluid

    + Fairly easy to pick up and play

    + The soundtrack is alright

    + Being able to change the BGM and purchase classic tracks

    + The offline selection is ok


    - The story mode um uh...exists.

    - DOA's character roster isn't the most interesting imo (outside of some eye candy)

    - The level of customization could be better (more choices and elements)

  • (Unfinished)

  • (Unfinished)



  • (Unfinished)

  • (Unfinished)


    + A strategy game that works on a console


  • (Unfinished)


    + Decent alternative to Monster Hunter

    + Easy to get into, tough to master

    + Appealing visual style

    + Some cool monster designs

    + Easy and fast Matchmaking

    + Free


    - Less detailed and impressive then Monster Hunter

    - Lacks content

    - World is too empty

    - Feels a bit generic at times and lacking in personality

  • (Unfinished)

  • (Unfinished)

  • (Unfinished)

    + Having AI teammates that can help you

    + Like the weapon designs

    + Combat is fairly good

    - Wasn't able to play with other people at all, the matchmaking isn't as good as in other games of the like

    - Graphics aren't terrible but definitely don't do the game any favors

    - Maps feel really lifeless (but not in a good way)

  • (Unfinished)


    + Some of the special effects looks really cool

    + Some of the special moves are also pretty badass

    + You get all characters unlocked quite early on so that's nice

    + Some good post launch support


    - Game's visual style doesn't always work, especially when getting up close to the characters.

    - Story is totally uninteresting

  • (Unfinished)

  • (Unfinished)

  • (Unfinished)

  • (Unfinished)


    + Great visual style, captures the aesthetic of the show quite well


  • (Unfinished)

  • (Unfinished)

  • (Unfinished)

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  • (Unfinished)

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