Favorite Genesis Games

Just making this list as I've been revisiting some of my old Genesis games. These aren't necessarily the best games, but the ones I still enjoy playing for some reason.

Mortal Kombat II and III would definitely be on this list if I didn't think that the SNES versions were better.

List items

  • Probably my favorite Genesis game. Definitely the game I go back to the most.

  • Go back to Streets of Rage 2 almost as much as Super Hang On.

  • Grind is almost unbearable at times, but it's a fun game with interesting character designs and one of the best 16-bit soundtracks of all time.

  • This game is hard as hell. I'll always remember the first the first time I ever got to the jetpack levels. Super fun though.

  • Gore mode.

  • I think I like this game more than any of the Sonic games on the Genesis. Not as fast, but I think that's a good thing looking back on it.

  • Hasn't aged well at all and it probably wasn't even that good in it's heyday. A cooler version of Solar Jetman.

  • This the best 16-bit Micky Mouse game. Just a pleasant game to play through as well.

  • The SNES version is better, but they're completely different games. But it's strange both games are so good.

  • It doesn't really hold up very well, but not including Sonic 2 would have just been churlish.

  • I like Kid Chameleon, but I remember it being very confusing. The quintessential 90's games in my mind; punk rock kid in plat-former with attitude and awesome creatures.

  • Hardest game on the Genesis.

  • I've always thought this was one of the worst games on the Genesis, but it's also one that I always remember when talking about Genesis games. 2nd favorite Genesis box art after Sub-Terrania.

  • This game is terrible, but I always try to play it when I break out the Genesis.

  • I remember watching Jeff's old Encyclopedia Bombastica and gave it a try. Cool open world, even if it's a tough game to go back to.