The Six Most Heartwarming Videos You'll Ever Watch

This man is the most generous and selfless person on YouTube, by far (and he's also really funny), his videos make my day, even my week in some cases, he has inspired me over the past few weeks to be a better person and be more selfless 


Why and how digital waivers would help M rated games

 Why we need waivers.

Being the avid gamer I am, I will run into a few great games that are rated M. This is great for me because I can appreciate this game’s high quality, but others either can’t appreciate the mature themes, or didn’t know they were in the game. This is bad considering that there is a big “M for Mature” label on the front of the box. The worst part about it, though, is the fact that unknowing people buy these games expecting kiddy level content, despite being warned that there is object able material in the games at the check out. This leads to class action lawsuits where ignorant people sue the game creators/companies on the terms of “I didn’t know there would be sex/violence/drug references in game X.”

I have been thinking of many different ways this could be fixed, but out of all of my different ideas, I think the best choice would be to make people sign a digital waver.

“What would the contents of this waver be” you ask? Simple: “I am _ (insert signature here) and I am aware that game X is rated M for mature, I will not molest the creators of this product due to content, and I am aware that game X includes the following content descriptors: X, X, and X. ”

“I don’t know what you are talking about! Since when has anybody sued a game company because of game content?” Well, one of the most recognizable stories like this is the Rockstar case of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ “Hot Coffee mod”   A user-made hack which allowed players to crudely simulate the act of having sex, this could have been an issue if it wasn’t for the fact that the back of the game box states the following:


Rated M   Blood and gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, and Use of Drugs.

Florence Cohen, an 85 year old grandmother who supposedly bought the game for her 14 year old grandson, filed a class action lawsuit against Rockstar (Wikipedia). Cohen, obviously unaware of the game’s M rating right on the box, sued Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive for alleged deception, false advertising, fraud, and abuse (Wikipedia).

Things like this wouldn’t have happened if she was forced to sign a waiver before purchasing the then M rated (now changed to Adult Only, or AO, due to this lawsuit) Grand Theft Auto game. Because since the waiver would state that X is aware of the game’s mature content, people like Florence Cohen would have no right to sue companies because they are unaware of a game’s content.

Most importantly, the signatures would be digital, so as not to take up space. The signatures would be saved into the store computer’s hard-drive as evidence if such a case like class action lawsuit should come up. That way, not only do we not have to waste tons of paper to sign each waiver, but the store will have proof of signature should a lawsuit be filed for the same type of thing.

You can help by starting a by signing this online petition , created by yours truly. If we can get this to happen, less companies will be sued for unethical reasons.


My best idea for a Dragon Ball Z game

The perfect DBZ game would be an Action RPG, and the game would pick characters for you over the course of the story. For example, during the battle versus Cell, you will play as Goku first, and then there will be a cutscene showing Goku dying, after that you will switch to Gohan. Certain battles will require you to do certain special moves at the end (such as "use spirit bomb to kill Frieza").Also, the game will have different ways of leveling up, such as eating senzu beans (they will cost a lot of zeni so it doesn't unbalance the game), sparring, multiple QTEs, as well as the oldschool method of leveling up: grunt killing.


Getting a PS3, what to buy?

I already have a few games on my list (Metal Gear Solid 4 is absolute #1 on that list, I refuse to buy any PS3 games before I buy that), but I would like to know what some of your reccomended games are. 
 Games I've got in mind: 

  • Motorstorm (1 and 2)
  • Resistance (1 and 2)
  • Uncharted (1 and 2)
What else should I absolutely buy for my PS3? The only games I don't like are RPGs, I can stomach one if it's really great though.

Oh wow... (Worst YouTube Video You've Ever Seen?)

While searching for YouTube Poop, I found this... (probably my fault for watching YTP in the first place) 

  I have never seen such a scarringly awful YouTube fecal matter in my life... Wow... 
I dare you to try and find something on YouTube nearly as scarringly horrible on YouTube (no snuff vids please)

Thoughts on Gamer (the Movie) *SPOILERS*


To be honest, I was pretty dissapointed in this movie. I was expecting Ludacris to have more screen time. I was expecting it to have more game references. I was expecting it to be more humorous. I hated the ending, they didn't explain anything, they didn't explain what exactly happened to Kable, they didn't explain who those group of people helping out Kable were. The ending was afwul, the only thing that happened at the end was Kable killing Castle. Also I couldn't be any more dissapointed in Ludacris' crappy borderline robotic acting, he isn't convincing at all. One thing I do have to admit I liked about the movie was the beginning scene, very actiony, very voilent, very gamey, totally in your face, it was the only part of the movie that delivered for the most part.