Games that should be remade but probably won't be for various reasons

These are a bunch of games I think should be remade but probably won't be because of the economic downturn (oh, you mean the war economy?) or the company that made it is working too hard on other stuff to care.

List items

  • A remake of this style of Soul Calibur would be awesome, but the game only came out 7 years ago. Whatever man, they should've remade it again in SC III but they didn't, instead they got rid of the story and mission modes and replaced them with a fucking RTS Mode!!! Get on it Bando Namcai!

  • SNK Remade 3 on XBLA but not the first one or second one? WTF man??? Stop worrying about making compilations of all your worst games and Go remake it! <--

  • I would pay so much money for a Jet Set Radio on current consoles. Please remake it soul brotha? (I bet you're humming that fucking song right now aren't you?) But I guess Sega is too busy making their next Sonic disater to care.

  • If Sony was to remake this and 2 and 3 for the PS3 I would shit bricks for days. I'm guessing Bend is too busy wearing out their current engine to care though.

  • Remake this and put it out on PS3 PSN sans the PSP game's terrible graphics and half-baked Vile mode and you've got yourself a deal Capcom.