How to Read Old Facebook Messenger Messages on Android

Facebook Messenger app has grown to be a great messaging app. Most Facebook users have it on their Android phones and for good reason too.

Over the years, Facebook messages become a great source of old memories for a user. You may read old Facebook Messenger messages and conversations that made you happy or emotional. Everyone tries search for old messages on Facebook messenger. However, with time, the messages on the app get accumulated and it is hard to scroll through hundreds of messages. In this article, we will see how you can read old Facebook Messenger messages on Android pictures including taken by the best 360 degree camera you sent on Facebook Messenger.

Reading the old Facebook Messenger Messages

Before we see various methods, which can help you read old Facebook Messenger messages faster, let’s see the conventional way reading through the old method.

1. Log in to Facebook Messenger App

First log on to your Facebook Messenger app using your Facebook details, so that you can see the conversation have had with your friends and family in the past. You will see the following screen when you open and choose a contact.

2. Choose the contact

Once you choose a contact you wish to view, tap on it and complete conversation you have had with the user will appear. However, it will display the most recent messages first.

3. Viewing older messages

In order to view the older messages you will have to scroll upwards, through your complete chats history. Its simple scrolling and recognizing the messages you wish to find.

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With hundreds of messages accumulated over span many years, it would be like finding needle in haystack. Unfortunately, currently there is no such app, which will find the exact message you are looking for. Moreover, in terms of searching messages, features are limited for Facebook Messenger and takes lot of time just scrolling through the backlog of messages.

How to read old Facebook Messenger messages on website faster?

It can be quite cumbersome to scroll upwards, waiting for your message. If you talk to someone regularly through Facebook, it can take quite a while to scroll upwards to a message which is even a few days old! So, isn’t there a way out that can make the entire process faster?

Instead of a Messenger app, think of using the Facebook website when you can. It has better search capabilities of searching through your messages and they have much faster capabilities. There is least amount of scrolling is involved and you will scanning on the only the targeted conversations.

First Method: Keyword Search

It is the most efficient and faster way to find the messages. As you will be searching for the only, appropriate words instances. Thus, improving the efficiency of search. Here how you can perform this method.

1. First, log on to your Facebook profile on the website and open the messages screen from the left side.

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2. Now scroll down choose the conversation with a user you wish to view. On opening you will see the most recent conversation but on the top left of the screen you’ll see a text widget with magnifying glass icon. Just enter the phrase or word you want to search for.

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3. Once enter the keyword, it will leave out the irrelevant messages and present you the messages that include this words from the history.

This is effective method as you are targeting the words used in the message but sometimes, it is difficult to find the words that would help you search messages. There for these is another method.

involved and you will scanning on the only the targeted conversations.

Second Method: Auto-Clicker

If you want to backup and save your messages with someone in a clean PDF form, this is the guide for you. Be prepared to work for it though, as it may take quite some time if you wish to save a lot of messages.

If you’re like me and you want to save every single message with someone because you don’t trust Facebook’s servers or if you just want a clean way to view your messages with someone to reminisce, you’re in the right place! No matter the reason, here’s my best attempt to explain how to save them all! Make sure you have a good computer if you plan on doing this method!

  1. To start, open up a browser like Google Chrome that has a print to PDF function.
  2. Go to (Notice that this is the mobile version of Facebook for phones.)
  3. Click the person you want to see the first message with.
  4. Download an auto mouse clicker app such as “Free Mouse Auto Clicker” for Windows or “Auto Mouse Clicker” for Mac.To download Auto clicker check out
  5. Script your computer to systematically click the “See older messages” button and repeat after a second or so. This is where you’re going to need a good computer because many browsers crash once the RAM is maxed out.
  6. After the computer starts to slow down, which it will, stop the auto clicker, click print and choose save as PDF. My computer can usually make it through a few months of messages before you need to make a PDF.
  7. Make sure to check images and uncheck headers if you’re using Chrome.
  8. Right click the ”See older messages” button again and click “open in new tab.” Close the full and slow tab.
  9. Now all you have to do is repeat the process!

I wish you luck, as this is the hardest method of saving your messages, but the most rewarding. If you need help, I’m always here! Just don’t ask about how to use the Macro app. You just have to Google around or read the help document if you’re stuck.

Third Method: URL

Second method will help you scroll faster than simple finger swiping. This may seem little technical but it simple and can take you back to the oldest messages in your message history. Here is the step by step guide.

1. You can do these on your computer or even on your Android phone. Here we will use the any internet browser. Just logon to your Facebook profile and open up the messages you wish to see by going to the message page. Choose the conversation you wish to see like in earlier method. Now observe the url on top of browser.

2. Now scroll down, right click on option “see older messages”, and select the new tab option. Wait for the new tap to load.

3. On new tab new note, there is Url something like this:

In this just notice “start=6”. The number six denotes hierarchy of conversed message. If you have more than 1000 messages try to change this number something closer to 1000 like 982 etc. By doing that, you will jump to old conversations, much faster than the scrolling it manually.

Beyond these two methods, there are more ways to scroll through the old messages but they require little knowledge. For instance, you download complete Facebook data by going to Settings and the to “Download a Copy of your Facebook data” link. This will have a complete data in html format and you can easily open the files in browser and condense the messages. The other is use of backup application, which helps you manage copy of your messages.

However, stick to the above mentioned methods, as they are easy to use and does not take much of your time or technical skills. You can easily use the Facebook Messenger app or Facebook website to view all the messages you need, even if it’s more than a year old!

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