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The Swine Has Risen 0

Watching Amnesia: The Dark Descent move from a game championed by horror game enthusiasts to a YouTube phenomenon was strange. Horror has been a consistently popular genre across all mediums for centuries because being scared is exciting. Amnesia: The Dark Descent proved that unsurprisingly, watching people burst into panic attacks is pretty entertaining. Amnesia gained a huge following from it's popularity on YouTube and the fans demanded more and in response we have the second entry in the fra...

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Glory To Arstotzka! 0

November 23rd, 1982 - I lean forward and growl "NEXT!" into the copper microphone, I sit back as my voice echos throughout the grey, desolate landscape that is the Grestin Checkpoint on the Arstotzka Border. I greet my final visitor of the day with the phrase "Papers, Please", she slides her passport and entry permit onto my desk. While I get her to confirm her transit plans through the country, I am scanning her documents for any discrepancies. Her passport states that she is from Antegria but...

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Proteus is a island that is definitely worth visiting 0

I’m not sure if it is possible to play Proteus in a more perfect setting than where I was when I played the game for the first time to “completion”. I was on a skiing holiday on the snowy slopes of Mt. Niseko in Hokkaido, Japan. So much snow had been dumped from the clouds that most of the ski lifts were closed for the day, so to entertain myself I put on my headphones and launched Proteus; not really knowing what to expect.Honestly, the less you know about this game before you play it the bette...

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"Oorah to ashes" 0

After years of growth in its black cocoon, Aliens: Colonial Marines has been pushed out into store shelves. I would like to preface this review by saying that the only Aliens related film I have ever watched is Prometheus. I am purely judging this game on how good of a game it is, not on how well it treats the universe's characters and events. A game that was originally as a Republic Commando-style game set in the Aliens universe, ended up just another mediocre shooter.Colonial Marines is a firs...

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Neon-soaked Madness 0

There are a lot of similarities between Hotline Miami and my favourite movie of 2011, Drive. Like Drive, Hotline Miami has a celestial electronic-pop feel to its soundtrack, an unsettling level of brutality and a story that goes in an interesting direction. The game itself combines elements of fast-paced arcade style action with elements of stealth, which results in a satisfying experience that can also be very challenging at the same time if you don’t consider all of the consequences to your ac...

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A Masterpiece Takes Time 0

Over the past year or so, I have come to really appreciate games that set out to do something completely different to anything else available on the market. Journey is a game that is brimming with excellence; with it's beautiful vistas, stunning soundtrack, alternative but powerful approach to storytelling and it's minimalistic but satisfying gameplay. Journey is a game that will be remembered for years to come and will leave a mark on anyone who lets it.Apart from climbing buildings, sliding do...

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A solid game that has plenty of room to improve 0

The easiest way to explain Warp is the cartoony lovechild of Metal Gear Solid (1) and Portal. Warp combines the puzzle elements of Portal (but, replace Portals with Warping) and the top-down stealth gameplay of Metal Gear Solid. It’s an interesting mix that works well, to a certain point.In Warp, you control a small, gelatinous alien named ‘Zero’, who has been captured by a group of scientists and has been dumped in an underwater laboratory. His mission is to escape the laboratory that he has be...

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Not really that insane. 0

If I had to quickly explain what type of game Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is, I would say that 'it's a game that is a mixture between Super Metroid, Outland and plays like a dual-stick shooter'. The one aspect of this game that makes it stand out is it's artstyle, coupled with it's fluid, articulate animation. The work of the artist, Michel Gagné is what makes this game unique and thankfully, the gameplay contained in this title is compelling enough to keep you engaged throughout the entire e...

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It's not going to bring you back but will satisfy current player 0

 I want to start this review by saying, ‘if you are one of those people who enjoyed Modern Warefare 2’s multiplayer for the first few weeks of its release but, then proceeded to move on to something new, due to frustration with core game mechanics or select individuals who choose to glitch their way to victory. The ‘Resurgence Map Pack’ will not bring you back, most people would look at the rather large price tag of 1200 MS points, and expect there to be some significant expansion on the ...

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A nice change from the enviroments found in Borderlands. 0

 A recent theme that has become extremely popular with developers in the video game industry in the last year or so is the use of the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ setting. Gearbox, the developers of the FPS/RPG hybrid Borderlands have followed this trend with the release of the DLC add-on titled ‘ The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned ‘. Overall, the game still has some of the minor issues which were prevalent in the original release but, still provides a package which is  filled with the strange campy humour...

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One of the best multiplayer games on the marketplace 0

 Unfortunately, a large portion of the Xbox Live community will dismiss this title right off the bat. Primarily being based on the popular comic series “Peanuts” and using its animated style for its graphics. The saying “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover” has never been valid , as “Snoopy: Flying Ace” is currently one of the best titles available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Snoopy Flying Ace is an aerial combat game, but doesn’t fall in as a flight simulator. Flying Ace is more of an arcad...

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Crackdown 1.2 0

 A video game sequel should improve on the original product by learning from the problems that were identified with the first game. I’m not quite sure what happened with the creation of Ruffian, a company that is filled with employees who previously worked at Realtime Worlds (who developed the first Crackdown game three years ago). Maybe the creative minds that created Pacific City and everything inside it didn’t cross over to Ruffian for the development of Crackdown 2. I say this because;...

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The best dumb open world game ever. 0

 Welcome to the island of Panau. This is an island which is will be completely alien to all of you, in the island of Panau you will meet people with strange accents, the laws of ‘physics’ does not operate here and the most efficient way of getting yourself around the island is using a combination of parachute and a grappling hook. This game is just my type of game. I will now paint a picture for you. Rico whips out his grappling hook, targets a hovering helicopter hundreds of metres away, ...

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Strong driving game with great mulitplayer hooks 0

 Many people believe that they can explain Blur in a few words, ‘Mario Kart with licensed cars.’ This explanation really does not do this game justice, because Blur is so much more than that. The brains over at Activision’s advertising department have used the phrase ‘Powered Up Racing’ in the various advertisements that have been floating around your web browser and on your television. Now that phrase is much more fitting. Bizarre Creations have created a product which has employed the a...

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A great combination of established ideas. 0

 For the last year or so, every FPS I have played has felt the same, publishers admired the success of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and told their developers to emulate. Same old modern setting, same old linear levels, same old serious business attitude, same old everything. I have had enough of playing as a heroic marine in the present. Thankfully, Singularity came along, a game which feels like a breath of fresh air, something that is different with a good alternate atmosphere and narr...

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Great Story with amazing atmosphere coupled with strong combat 0

 The major problem that exists with nearly all video games is the implementation of  narrative. Whether it be the crappy writing, poor voice acting or general lack of any story whatsoever, I will be the first to say that narrative’s in video games generally suck with very few exceptions. “Alan Wake” on the other hand, is a brilliant example of a well constructed and engaging story which is implemented into a game effectively. The protagonist Alan Wake is a famous novelist who has been suf...

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A Combination of Breathtaking Visuals and well Designed Puzzles 0

  Over the last few years we have learnt that downloadable titles or just independent games in general are no longer to be sniffed at by the general populace. Playdead’s ‘Limbo’ has earned its place among games like Braid and Flower, due to its unique monochrome colour scheme, and it’s striking use of multiple layers used in a unusual way to create depth. Yes you heard me, Limbo does not have any colour, the whole game is rendered in various shades of gray, black and white. There is so m...

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