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2014 GOTY Top 10

2014 was a year filled to the brim with games I liked, but didn't love. These games are the exception. For the most part.

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  • Is it as good as Dark Souls? Not quite, but very little is. Is it better than any other game released this year? Absolutely.

  • Rebirth adds an unbelievable amount of excellent new content to its rock solid base game. Proper controller support alone is revelatory.

  • Jazzpunk is hilarious and strange and beautiful. Everyone should play Jazzpunk.

  • A stylish, strategic take on an action RPG with a soundtrack that was stuck in my head for months. In general Transistors audio is some of the very best in modern games.

  • I can't think of a more faithful translation of a licensed property to a game. That its light, breezy RPG wrapper was fun would have been enough. That it manages to be regularly, genuinely funny is practically a miracle.

  • As a person who couldn't care less about WoW and hasn't touched a TCG in around a decade, I didn't expect much from Hearthstone. But what can I say? It's highly accessible, the games are super fast, it looks great, it sounds great, it plays great and hell, it's free.

  • Here's the thing: I love Pokemon. I have always loved Pokemon. I have played every mainline RPG a dangerous number of hours. This is a Pokemon RPG. It goes on the list.

  • The story was mediocre and the mission design left a lot to be desired. Every other aspect of Far Cry 4 is top notch. Just cruising and playing around in the world is rad 100% of the time.

  • I thought this game looked totally bland and boring from the pre-release coverage. I was wrong.

  • The tenth spot was pretty hard to fill for me. There were 9 GOTY candidates and then there was everything else. Maybe if I had a WiiU things would have been different. I hear that Bayonetta game is pretty good. I dunno. The Wolf Among Us will have to do.