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Unfinished Games: 2015

The stuff I haven't finished yet this year.

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  • Apotheon looks amazing. It plays pretty poorly. I ended up just kind of forgetting about it at a point, but I'm close enough to the end I'll probably get around to it eventually. Maybe. It's really not very good though.

  • I'm only a single episode in, but it started promisingly. It inspired me to finally give the show a try, which quickly made me forget about the game. I plan to wait for the critical response to the full season before I put any more money in.

  • Again, only a single episode in, but in this case I don't think I'll come back to play anymore. Besides the fact that I just don't care for the Borderlands universe as a story setting, I found the first episode kind of flat. I only need so many Telltale adventure games in my life.

  • So far Life is Strange has shown me how much better a Telltale style adventure game can be in another developers hands. I've adored both episodes so far, and so long as they don't drop the ball going forward, it's a top 10 contender.

  • Tower of Guns is sluggish, ugly garbage. I played a few hours to unlock most of the starting guns and abilities to see if they made a difference. Nothing made a difference. It all feels like trash.

  • Gave this a spin while I had a free week of PS Now. As I suspected these games are not for me. It seems well built and I get why people dig them, but I just can't get into it. Generally not caring for Batman probably doesn't help.

  • Only played an hour of this. I really like its style but it starts off with a whimper that didn't inspire confidence. Might get back around to it someday but it's pretty low priority.

  • A Link to the Past is a game I've started and stopped half a dozen times in my life. For whatever reason I always just lose interest after getting to the dark world. It happened again a month ago. I really really want to make it to the end this year. There's a good chance I won't.

  • Race The Sun is a wonderful, simple, and challenging bite sized racing(?) game. As a game played on a console/PC however, it feels out of place. It seems best suited to an environment built for short bursts of game time, either handheld or mobile. Still a fantastic game, but should it ever be released on iPhone/pad/etc, I think it will be much more at home.