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I didn't know PC gameing was dead till you told me.

I really don't get it. I mean I really don't get how these so called developers say the reason why they won't release a game on PC is because of Piracy is just BS. While piracy may be a cause for your game not selling well but you have to look at the other factors. Lets Start with Epic Games.

They use to make good games for PC. Matter of fact they made excellent games. I remeber when they first started out on PC with a little game called Unreal Tournment. Least to say that game spawned dozens of sequals with each one getting better as time go on. They even made a few console releases but no doubt it is the PC gamer that help and played a huge roll for their succes. Then something happened and they began to slowly pull away from the PC gamer.

With the release of Gears of War for the Xbox 360 Epic had another hit on their hands which helped the 360 launch off the ground. Also they sold millions of copies of that game. Then followed Unreal Tournment 3 coming to 360, PC, and PS3 which wasn't surprising at all until they showed off the first trailer. Check out some the early trailers of the game and you will see "From the Creators of Gears of War". Wait hold on a sec it should be the other way around.

Besides last time I checked the reason why Gears of War didn't sell that well it came out a year later after the 360 version. Then you add on another act with a pretty lame boss and thought that would reel them in. Then there was this craptastic service you tried to shove down our throughts called Windows Live which required you to pay for things PC users been using for years for FREE. Key word FREE. Thats why Gears of War for the PC failed.

Why No Gears Of War 2 For PC? Well, Piracy For One

But it is articles like these that makes what ever fanbase you had angry and quite frankly pissed off not to buy anything you make anymore. I tell you what the last Unreal Tournment game i played was UT2004 and that is when Unreal died. Also it is about money not about the fans. So thanks Epic for maling my choice.

Then we have websites like these areseholes like who right these lame articles but i understand its for hits. Also last time i checked while GTA4 got raved reviews it goes to show you that many of the players feel the game was not the greatest thing. Hell not even all that great.

How Grand Theft Auto IV Might Just Save Games for Windows

So thanks but no thanks Microsoft PC doesn't need saving but your GFW sure does need to go back the crap hole that it came from .