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@htr10 said:

People on Twitter demanding Giant Bomb take down this mailbag video? Like that matters at all here? People always feel the need to jump to “action” and be “righteous” when things go bad.

What? Nobody is demanding that GB remove the video. What on earth are you reacting to?

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I have a Logitech MX Master which has a bunch of stupid side buttons that I really like. The thumb pad stops/starts whatever I have playing in MusicBee, depressing the thumb pad and moving the mouse left/right skips whatever I have playing back/forward ten seconds, depressing the thumb pad and moving my mouse up/down raises/lowers volume, the little scroll wheel brings up the alt+tab screen (I don't really use ti for that though because I normally have my left hand somewhere around the actual alt+tab keys), the forward/back buttons I set as the keys J and K, which you can use to navigate up and down posts in a bunch of websites (eg tumblr, twitter, the old reader), the middle button below the scroll wheel brings up Task View. Normally I don't bind the side keys in games because I find it more comfortable to use the keyboard for that sort of thing. I don't even like binding melee to mouse3 because hitting mouse3 over and over can feel a little uncomfortable... If I do bind the side buttons they're normally to something like a quest log and an inventory. To be honest, the forward/back side keys on the MX Master are a little finicky, so I don't think they'd be good for anything more heat-of-the-moment anyways???

Since my first mouse with side buttons (a ~2012 razer deathadder) i've never used them for forward/back in web pages. I rarely use the forward/back functionality on my browser anyway so I don't need it on my mouse

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i just started on the australian server. does server choice matter wrt guilds?

character name: marienbad


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I took the last one - 3IK2X-R4AD5-K23VD. Thank you! I don't know what this is but it sounds neat

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    I feel like the hosts of 8-4 need to introduce everyone and then they go on and talk about all the nicknames, because I have no clue who either of these people from gameinformer are. Maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention, but the beginning of all their podcasts are all kind of messy? idk

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      i feel like making jokes about a blind girl getting hit by a car is a little distasteful

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        I feel like Dan's opinion re DOTA on ESPN doesn't take into account that lots of people don't understand how many sports work, either. If I change the channel to see people playing billiards or poker or even American football, I just don't understand what's happening. Of course, it's just the nature of mainstream culture that people will prefer irl ball games and stuff over Digital Sports, but still.

        In any case, I really liked the DOTA segments on this and last week's UPFs. I enjoy watching DOTA from time to time (despite never having played it) and the way Brad actually participates in and talks about the economy Valve and the community has built is fascinating. He seems to know that DOTA is weird and absurd but really enjoys it anyway, and that's fun to listen to. If he were to start a DOTA podcast I would 100% listen to it.

        Today's UPF was fine. Also Rorie is cool. I always forget that his first name is Matt and not Rorie.