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The Saints are back! Or "Da Zaints are back!" 0

Got tired of Liberty City? Niko's cousin pissing you off? Head on over to Stilwater!SR2 is pretty much a mix between Saints Row and GTA: San Andreas, but better.Story: It's incredibly basic, you've been laid in a coma after a huge boat explosion, while you were in your 5 year nap, new gangs invaded Stilwater, Sons of Samedi, The Brotherhood, The Ronin and a new organization called "Ultor". You wake up and break out of a prison, and eventually resurrecting the 3rd Street Saints, its all very simp...

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Resident Evil 4 Retrospective 0

As this game being one of my favorite games of all time, i felt like i had to review it. Story: You play as Leon S. Kennedy, and you're on a mission to save the presidents daughter (Ashley Graham) who has disappeared by some reason. But there's more to it than that; the villagers have gone crazy and you have to find out why, and a past friend appears too. Gameplay: This is were RE4 really shines, it's a survival-horror game but it's more of a action-third-person-survival-shooter. Now the hor...

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As Yahtzee calls it "Airstrikes 2: Hooray for Airstrikes" 0

Mercenaries 2 is the sequel to "Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction" which many claimed to be one of the best PS2 games. The sequel takes place in Venezuela with the returning characters and more Airstrikes.The story: Quite frankly, it's bad. You want revenge for someone who didn't pay you and shot you in the ass, sounds good? No. So you take missions from different factions to locate where Solano is. And that's about it.Gameplay: It's a third person shooter with lots of guns, vehicles and Ai...

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Battlefield: Bad Company review....Bomb`s Away! 0

Battlefield: Bad Company (BF)Is a pretty amazing game, when i first played the demo, i was disappointed because of weird aiming control and boring single-player. That changed when i bought the full game, the aiming is precise once you get used to it and the single-player is surprisingly good.Let`s start with the Single-player.Its very good actually, the story in itself is not deep but its funny with the biggest stereotypes ever. Haggard likes to blow stuff up, Sweetwater is the typical nervous g...

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