Lets Make a Toast To Ryan. Raise Your Glasses!

Screwdriver, simple, appropriate.
Screwdriver, simple, appropriate.

I struggle to call Ryan a colleague. My internship was so short I was practically gone before I even started. Nevertheless he was an inspiration. He was a talented host and simply a giant in this industry. Ryan has done nothing but inspire me as I drive closer and closer to cementing myself in this business.

During my internship he always yelled at me to maintain the constant flow of coffee and always appreciated me checking up on what sandwich he wanted before I went on lunch break.

Ryan was also incredibly supportive of me during my deployment to Afghanistan. We had several email conversations throughout my deployment and he even sent us dozens of hours worth of content from the site. With no Internet or TV that was very valuable to us.

So lets raise our glasses and have one for Ryan, the industry has lost one of its bests but we have to keep pushing forward.

I'm also glad to of captured his greatest moment on my phone: