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2011 most anticipated

Making a list of most anticipated games for the next 12 months is weird. It's a fair statement to say most of this years titles aren't announced, or there isn't sufficient information on them. Microsoft tends to wait until E3 to unveil their holiday plans. A lot of games also get delayed. In fact, I'm willing to bet a Playstation Move bundle that Skyrim won't be on store shelves until spring 2012. However, I'm confident about the other games on this list.

List items

  • It's crazy we're getting two Elder Scrolls games in a single generation. I was the guy thinking we wouldn't see and fifth Elder Scrolls game until the launch of a new console. But it doesn't seem like that will happen anytime soon. Hopefully Skyrim will incorperate some dynamic moral choices like it's sci-fi brother Fallout. In any case, I'm stoked to tackle another fully realized fantasy world.

  • Battlefield employes tactical gameplay without getting too crazy about it. The destructible environments add more variables that will probably make this my multiplayer game of 2011.

  • Why has it taken so long for a dungeon crawler that's worth a damn to appear on console!? No, Arkadian Warriors isn't cool.

  • Worst marketing campaign, ever. I'm still waiting for the video of Cliff Bezenski taking a shit while telling us about the shotgun that shoots four shells at once. With that aside, Bulletstorm does appear to bring crazy over the top action to the table. As long as the score chasing addiction can last through the whole game, I'm on board.

  • Gears of War still sets the standards for 3rd person shooting. I'm just ready for more Horde mode. This franchise seems to balance the mechanics of dumb action and basic tacticle gameplay which is still missing accross the board in games.

  • Portal 2 seems to be doing everything that a sequel should be doing. The game is adding new mechanics and dynamics that will hopefully make gaming's best rat maze simulator fresh.

  • Finally a fighting game were I can play as Wesker and only have to press one button to make cool stuff happen!

  • More space sex.

  • I may be cheating to put down a platform. I'm stoked to replay Metal Gear Solid 3 and revisit Residen't Evil's Mercenaries mode. Overall though, I'm wildely curious to see how the system itself works.

  • Nothing is cooler than Batman. Well...maybe two Batmans.