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Phenomenal atmosphere outweighs some hiccups. 0

Outlast is not a fun game, but the game isn’t supposed to be enjoyable in the traditional sense. The protagonist isn’t a Cop or a Soldier, he’s just a reporter. This horror game from up and coming independent developer, Red Barrel, is about facing your fears knowing you don’t have the means to fight back. The tension is born from Outlast not granting the player any power. Instead, your only means of dealing with the homicidal psychopaths of the Mount Massive Asylum is run...

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Halo, again. For better or worse. 0

There are a lot of fantastic-looking moments.It’s perfectly fine to go into Halo 4 weary of a new studio’s hands getting all over a classic franchise, but rest easy for 343 Industries didn’t break Halo. Master Chief (John) makes his heroic return, Elites are still cunning foes, and the grenade, gun, and melee holy trinity is still the centerpiece of combat. The issue is 343 Industries played it too safe. Halo 4 is very much a Halo game and it’ll take players on a very familiar journey despite be...

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A lazy product 16

The more beard you got, the more important you are.Lets get this out of the way. In the grand scheme, Medal of Honor: Warfighter is the picture-perfect example of what a clichéd action game is. Modern military, check. Fighting terrorists, check. Military jargon, check. Fast paced multiplayer with progression system taking place in relatively brown environments, check. Although Warfighter scales back from the theatrics of Call of Duty in favor of a more grounded in reality story, it’s still nothi...

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Cool narative elements don't excuse uninspired gameplay 1

Spec Ops: The Line aims to be thought provoking and mature. Clearly drawing inspiration from works such as Apocalypse Now. It’s easy to turn this shooter into something pretentious. Here we have a game that takes the mass-murder we conduct in every game without much thought and puts the morality of that on center stage. The game often asks the player if it was right gunning down the rouge American soldiers and at many times questions if the main cast are the heroes or villains. There are a lot o...

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Has heart but is bogged down by poor production values. 0

Immediately after finishing Lollipop Chainsaw, I reminisced on the five hours I spent hacking up zombies. I couldn’t remember too many specific moments. The only things that really stood out were some one-liners from characters such as, “I’m so going to masturbate to you tonight!”. Not because they’re funny, but the crude humor sprinkled throughout the game is totally random and unnecessary. Some quirky elements like a handful of character performances were genuine, but the poor attempt at funny...

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Nothing more than face value. 0

I was leaping across skyscrapers with ease heading towards a top-secret military facility were a scientist gone mad was conducting outlandish research while being protected by tanks. There were too many guards to tackle this fortress head on. I made use of my shape shifting skills by stealthily absorbing one of the guards and taking his form. I walked through biometrics security without any hitches. The guards suspect nothing as I approach my target. With my sword arm, I decapitate my foe. Revea...

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A Japanese documentary on how Americans make action games. 0

Dan has issues with Robots.From a distance, it’s easy to shrug off Binary Domain as yet another “me to” game that’s simply peddling off the success of Epic’s dominant franchise. Yes, Sega’s answer to Gears of War has Roadie-Runs, D-Pad controls for switching weapons, and even a large sleeveless black dude that is clearly drawn from the Coal Train. Upon closer examination, Binary Domain has the heart to stand out from the crowd despite some shortcomings.The year is 2080, global warming has caused...

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Interlaces all great aspects of a singleplayer FPS 0

This game is all about doing terrible things to people.I wasn’t too sure what to expect going into The Darkness II. To me, the original game was a one-off title that wouldn’t stay in the minds of most people for very long. Despite that, I’ll never forget the high intensity gore and violence the game employed. Digital Extremes was very focused on a specific tone for The Darkness II and the end product succeeds in everything it sets out to accomplish in a glorious violent fashion. Mob boss, Jackie...

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An uneven mess. 0

The Resident Evil series is a confusing dog pile of videogame concepts. With slow-paced horror, light gun games, frantic action, and even an upcoming team-based shooter, I feel like before delving into a new Resident Evil game you have to have the conversation of which of the previous games it represents most. Then everyone wonders if the enemies are regular zombies or more intelligent foes. Resident Evil Revelations is Capcom’s second foray into the 3DS with its classic horror franchise. Revela...

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Unstructured Playtime 4

Just dance!I’m almost jealous kids are getting all the high quality Kinect games. It seems fair, however, considering years that shovelware were commonplace on store shelves marketing to a younger audience. I hate getting into the argument of trying to dictate if games are good for people that aren’t me. I have experience as a Pre-School teacher, so I have a good idea of what kids are into. On the flip side, I’m an adult that enjoys drinking, and Happy Action Theater totally caters to that spect...

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Car Combat returns, along with the 90's. 0

Despite only three characters, all the classic vehicles are available.I immediately felt at home when I started playing Twisted Metal. Car Combat has taken a far too long hiatus. Twisted Metal is virtually everything I want a car combat game to be. Over-the-top action, check. 90’s track list to include Rob Zombie, check. Fast as hell 60 FPS combat, check. David Jaffe and his team at Eat Sleep Play have crafted a love letter to the genre, presenting well-balanced gameplay and some of the best act...

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An impressive commitment to absurdity. 0

Don't let some of the juvenile humor deter you from checking out the game.Saints Row was essentially the bastard-child of an era when GTA clones ruled store shelves, being among the monstrous list of terrible to mediocre copycats of RockStar’s gift to the industry. The original idea of Saints Row was living the super-thug fantasy. With RockStar implementing far more serious tones in their games, Volition went the complete opposite direction. Saints Row: The Third finds a true identity for the fr...

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Expansive surplus of fantastic stories and technical hilarity. 0

The world is expansive.50 hours into Skyrim and there’s still a voluminous amount of content to explore. At this point in the game, my character is developed enough to combat virtually every situation, I’ve conquered multiple quest lines to include the main quest and I’m married. 50 hours into Bethesda’s latest is mere child’s play in the grand scheme despite being enough time to complete 4 or 5 other games released this year. That’s two days of playing and I have yet to discover half of Skyrim’...

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A sloppy game 0

The shooting is super boring.Duke Nukem Forever is totally out of place with modern games. The game is stuck in the past were first-person platforming and interacting with sinks are major gameplay mechanics. Duke Nukem Forever delivers tropes of games past and makes a poor attempt in crafting a modern game in virtually every way. Duke does, however, carry two guns and has regenerating health. Those are the only aspects of the game keeping me from believing the development team haven’t played a s...

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Collapses under its own weight in issues. 7

Brink attempts to differentiate itself from standard conventional shooters, like Call of Duty and Halo as much as possible. Unfortunately there are too many issues that bog down the game. Splash Damage, the studio that brought you Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, attempted to make Brink a breath of fresh air in the shooter genre, implementing several neat ideas. Despite the effort of being different, Brink only manages to be on the verge of resembling anything fun. The dull combat and endless list o...

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Highly recommended 3

Mortal Kombat will serve any fan of the series and fighting games in general. This ninth entry to the main series has plenty opportunity to fight dudes in gruesome manners in addition to a plethora of great content. Mortal Kombat is back and revisits the events of the first three games, complete with a refined combat system that supplies the best gameplay in the series so far. The plot in Mortal Kombat has always been difficult to keep up with. I mean, Scorpion did kill Sub-Zero, right? Then wh...

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Brilliant 2

Writing a review for Portal 2 is difficult. This game is jam-packed with memorable moments and expertly designed gameplay. I had such a great time with it, I just want to write a review that says "THIS GAME IS AWESOME, GO BUY IT NOW!". In fact, if I was a rich man, I would buy everyone in the world a copy. Unfortunately, I can't get on a megaphone and preach the good-word of Chell's latest adventure. So perhaps I should articulate the hows and whys of Portal 2's importance.   The original ...

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Rote 3

The Crysis franchise has become synonymous with being the test subject for newly built PCs. Even so much as the first achievement I got in Crysis 2 was titled “Can it run Crysis?”. The game is a technical showpiece. Even on console, Crysis 2 is easily one of this generation’s best looking games. That’s about it, unfortunately. Like that girl in highschool, this game is all about looking good but offers little beyond eye candy. Crytek’s latest is all about big-budget action. There are a ton of d...

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Good fiction takes a backseat to generic action 2

The American economy has fallen, most of Asia has joined forces with North Korea under threat of total annihilation, and food in the U.S. is scarce. In 2027, a fragile America is nothing other than a shadow of its former self.   A newly formed Asian empire has taken advantage of the fallen superpower and launched a full-scale attack. Overwhelmed, the U.S. military is scattered and utterly defeated. Homefront tells the tale of an occupied America. From a distance, this setting might sound like so...

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I need some loot, duder. 2

 Action RPGs in the vein of Diablo are missing on the console side. We got a few entries last generation with Baldur’s Gate and Champions of Norrath. Aside from Arkadian Warriors and Sacred 2 the genre has been off the grid on Xbox 360. Now some of the minds that brought you Diablo, Runic Games, have ported their 2009 surprise gem to XBLA. If you found your way to this review, you’re probably aware that the PC centric title is the current poster child for dungeon crawlers. Not to bring up Diablo...

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A Wild Ride 5

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a flashy game jam-packed with style. On the surface, virtually anyone who understands the basic concepts of fighting games can delve in and create a team consisting of Iron Man, Chris Redfield, and that wolf from Okami, to fight against a dedicated X-Men team. With a more inviting control scheme, rookies in this genre can pull off screen-filling moves that will convince any bystander they know what you're doing. Aside from mere button mashing, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is an inc...

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A huge package! 0

   After a decade of shooter dominance, Bungie finally releases their swan song for the Halo franchise. Halo: Reach is a product of everything Bungie has done thus far, and the result is an encapsulation of everything that is great about the franchise. This game contains a plethora of content that surpasses any Halo game to date, and arguably any console First Person Shooter. Players will be hard-pressed to become bored anytime soon.Halo: Reach draws from the strengths of previous Halo ga...

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Absolute garbage 2

 I have no idea what happened to Hydrophobia. On paper, Dark Energy Digital's survival adventure game has all the qualities a creative and exciting game would contain. The game pits you in a claustrophobic environment combating against a terrorist threat, utilizing unique gameplay mechanics. While Hydrophobia's premise might make you think it's some hidden gem, every individual aspect of the gameplay is underdeveloped to the point that enjoying this game is impossible. The game takes plac...

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An uninspired mess 1

Written By: Steven Beynon (EpicSteve)   Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days gives a great first impression. With loud firefights and a unique visual style to boot makes IO's gritty crime-drama sequel look like a great game from a distance. In reality, Dog Days is a sub-standard 3rd person shooter that happened to have a talented art team. This game is merely too short on content and the little content it does have doesn't meet the current standard. The most notable quality of Dog Day...

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One of XBLA's best. 1

Typically when we think about multiplayer games the obligatory Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield come to mind. It was a shock to me that a $15 arcade game can not only pack a incredible amount of value but be a serious contender for your competitive play time. Monday Night Combat is a well-constructed shooter all around that proves downloadable console games can compete with the big boys. This game is a total blast that will easily ke...

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The zombies come back for a 3rd strike. 0

Pros: Beautiful art style Fun gameplay Great casual game and still fun for regular gamers Cons: $5 too expensive Multiplayer modes aren't online   Written By: Steven Beynon (EpicSteve) Plants vs. Zombies has a lot going against it. Here's a game that lacks any online play whatsoever, has been out for over a year on other ubiquitous platforms such as the PC and iPhone, and is apart of the common tower-defense genre. With these large barriers, it's even more impressive t...

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Great personality 1

I got beef, lets fight! The Scott Pilgrim franchise is all about unexplained insanity. His videogame adaptation of the comic is no different. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game is a 2D side-scroller beat-em' up IN Double Dragon and River City Ransom fashion. Basically, the game boils down to you running to the right and fighting dudes. This game is much more than a simple throwback an old-school genre. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World encapsulates the personality fans are familiar with while also...

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A good puzzle game, nothing more. 1

Limbo will ultimately be a very divisive game. Many players will cheer for its artistic narrative and the game's ability to convey emotions along with atmosphere in ways most games don't. Other people like myself look at all the aspects that Limbo utilizes to set itself apart and say “so what”. Limbo is just a physics-based puzzle game that's in black and white, and has a “story” that's very disconnected from the game itself. Limbo is a shinning example on how to make a puzzle platformed in 2010...

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RISK: Factions is a must-play for fans of the board game. 2

 *As seen in Luchazine #2  Boards games are a perfect fit for XBLA. Anyone who has played RISK in their life knows the game can go on for hours until a  Humans vs. Cats, the ultimate struggle.  victor is declared ruler of the world. Stainless Games injected their own concept of objectives players can race to accomplish, thus making most full games about an hour. This new concept makes RISK an entirely different game, and one I don't really care for. Thankfully, purists can stick ...

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An exciting thriller. 0

Steven Beynon   “In a horror story, the victim keeps asking ‘Why?’, but there can be no explanation, and there shouldn’t be one. The unanswered mystery is what stays with us the longest, and it’s what we’ll remember in the end.” It's this Stephen King quote that Remedy's Alan Wake lives and dies by. Alan Wake is a Psychological Thriller upfront, but mechanically is a shooter in every sense of the word. In fact, 90% of the play-time is spend shooting-up ...

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A fun and surprisingly engaging multiplayer experience. 4

 I'm a big fan of the kart racing genre. However, with Mario Kart being the only real option out there for the last few years I've grown tired of the plumbers race for 1st. For lack of a better way of articulating, I have craved a more adult approach to the seemingly dead sub-genre. I'm pleased that not only Blur delivers but it injects hope for this genre to find its footing beyond Nintendo. On paper, Blur is a weird idea. Take real-world cars and give them a Mario-Kart like arsenal ...

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No personality and bad design 1

 Things on Wheel is an RC racing game from the folks who brought you Mad Tracks. You know, Mad Tracks? I know you're clambering for more, nation. TOW (awesome acronym) is actually more bare-bones than its predecessor. In fact, TOW is riddled with design flaws that make it nearly unplayable. The overall structure of the game is its Championship mode. Here you'll race through twenty awesome-named tracks like “Gran ToWrismo”, Viewtiful TOW, and “Guns & races”. No, there aren't a...

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Bland 3

 Zombie Apocalypse is another addition to the ubiquitous dual joystick shooter library. The concept is four survivors fight through 55 waves of an increasingly difficult to defeat undead. There's actually only seven levels, but the game merely cycles the same levels over and over. With the arenas not having individual flavor, this is one of the most harmful aspects to Zombie Apocalypse. However, it isn't the only reason this game is bad. Each survivor is equipped with a standard automatic ri...

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A nod to the good ol' days 2

Lost in Nightmares lets you play the events when Jill “master of unlocking” Valentine and Chris Redfield encountered Albert Wesker in the Spencer Estate. You may remember this event via flashback in Resident Evil 5's proper campaign. This DLC succeeds with bringing back the horror vibe, but fails in terms of mere gameplay quantity. The Spencer Estate is basically an homage to the Spencer Mansion from the ...

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Annoying issues hold this sequel back. 9

 Army of Two is known for its “bro-ness”, cool masks, pimped-out golden guns, and it's devil-may-care duo. It's weird The 40th Day doesn't capitalize on any of these things, but instead attempts to build its actual mechanics. Weird enough, the end result is a janky game jam-packed with issues and ultimately ends up being generic despite the off-shoot things the first game built.   Salem and Rios are on a routine mission in Shanghai, the city comes und...

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A unique puzzle game that couldn't be done anywhere else. 1

 At first glace, Eliss may seem to be some tech demo used to show off the iPhone's capabilities. Eliss could not exist on any other platform, and is a smart purchase for anyone who's looking for a challenging iPhone game.   The game throws you into the dark void of space, and it's your job to separate planets varying in size and color without them touching one another. You can combine planets of the same color, or make planets smaller by separating the sphere with your figures to better fit t...

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An unnecessary release 0

  Rhythm games are ubiquitous these days. With 25 games in the “Hero” franchise, Activision can't be putting out unnecessary releases. However, someone over there thought it would be a good idea to release Guitar Hero Van Halen, after Thanksgiving...and give it out for free in a desperate attempt to counter act The Beatles: Rock Band. Guitar Hero Van Halen is a step backwards for the franchise and is an obvious cash-in that had little time or resources spent on it to make it worthwhile. T...

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Rock Band with all the LEGO charm 0

 LEGO Rock Band will be instantly familiar to anyone who's played Rock Band 2. From a distance, this game may look like a cheap cash-in. While evidence of this is apparent in small forms, LEGO Rock Band manages to be its own unique product. Traveler's Tales have found tremendous success with past properties, adding their own unique “LEGO humor”. This style of silliness returns in LEGO Rock Band without being distracting to actually playing the music. Trust me, this game totally abides...

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A uniqe title that's over too soon. 0

 I have no prior experience with the Pixel Junk franchise, however, Pixel Junk Shooter is a fantastic representation of the series in its high-res 2D glory. In spite of the game being called Pixel Junk Shooter, that doesn't represent the game very well. The game is more about elemental puzzles and level exploration rather than blowing stuff up. Despite being an artistic feat, Pixel Junk Shooter is too easy of a game and is over before you know it which will make it a tougher sell to some peopl...

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Foul-mouthed and completly generic. 3

  In a fucking world where shooters are as ubiquitous and the place to be seems to be non-discrepant middle eastern country, I'm surprised Rogue Warrior got made. This game's all about foul-mouthed juvenile and forced swearing, which is unfortunately the only thing that makes Rogue Warrior stand out. Rebellion's weak-attempt to capture old 80's style action leaves nothing but a generic FPS that no one should purchase, especially at full-price. You play as Dick Marcinko, badass Navy Seal who do...

7 out of 9 found this review helpful.