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Emiliano's GOTY Top Ten - 2014

A couple of notes:

  • I don't own a Wii U or Xbox One. So while there are some great games on each of those systems (Bayonetta, Forza), they will not be on this list.
  • My #10 was originally going to be a Twine game called Dee's Big Night. It wasn't in the database though and I didn't feel like adding it. I'm subbing it with my #11

List items

  • This game just has so much stuff I find it difficult to know where to start. The story missions are fantastic and incredibly nuanced. The characters are amazing and have a large amount of depth. Most of the choices that were required of my Inquisitor left me torn with indecision. The side content in the game did a great job in filling out both the world and your organization.

    I finished this game 3 days ago after over a hundred hours of game time. The first thing I’m doing after finishing this list is to start another playthrough.

  • (US release was September 2014) This was almost my GOTY until Dragon Age came out. I could go on and on about this game (first draft of this was five paragraphs), so I’ll just recommend the Paste Magazine review. I guess really short this game is like a cute version of Skyrim with interesting characters and a great story.

    All in all I found this game fantastic. As a person who rarely gets into handheld games I could not put this down. Once I found out what happens when one “Masters” a life it was really hard not to finish out all of them. If you own a 3DS and enjoy RPGs (and games that aren’t afraid to be adorable) you should get this game.

  • I really like well done humor games, and this was freaking hilarious. This game was pretty great. The humor in the game is absurdist, similar to Airplane!/Police Squad but definitely its own thing. It’s technically an adventure game, but there is so much weird variety of gameplay. The presentation is rad, and the cyberpunk story line leads to a lot of great jokes. I liked this game a lot.

  • This game is very pretty, UbiArt rocks. I found the game very informative and actually learned some new stuff (I knew about trenches but didn’t know about the tunnels). This game is an adventure game, and I found the puzzles pretty intuitive (not too easy, but not ridiculous). The characters were interesting, and the story was very touching.

  • As a CS minor who hasn’t done any serious coding since college, this game had me firing up a lot of dormant brain cells. I found having to think outside the box in this game really fun. I enjoyed manipulating the game variables and the code itself as the story progressed. The only criticism I have is that toward the end you had so many tools it was hard to find the right one to use. The uniqueness of this game really makes it for me, and I doubt I will play something similar to this for a while.

  • My favorite thing about this game is the work it takes to get the alternate endings. It involves thinking about your conversations, way more than in most games. It wasn’t just exhaust a dialogue tree or grind affinity, my character had to reflect on their situation and question accordingly. The game was also unnerving, both due to the scary story and the scary reality described in the author’s notes.

  • As weird as this sounds, I found this game kinda relaxing? Running around felt pretty good, and the Batman combat (which I always felt was inappropriate for a nonlethal superhero) flowed pretty nicely. A lot my play sessions with this game has been randomly killing Orc Captains while listening to podcasts. I have issues with the casual treatment of torture and slavery in this game (look up Austin Walker's great Paste article), but with respect to the gameplay I've been enjoying my time.

  • As a kid I was pretty obsessed with M.C. Escher. I found his impossible geometry fascinating, and even now I have a couple of his prints hanging up in my home. So I found this game pretty rad. The art style was beautiful, and the puzzle solving was pretty intuitive. I burned through the puzzles rather quickly, and am forcing myself to take it easy with the DLC.

  • This game is deceptively difficult and addictive for how dumb it is. You drive a spinning limo and try to maneuver around a city full of circular intersections. Getting through levels (bookended by super cheesy and great FMV sections) without crashing made me feel an undeserved amount of pride.

  • This is a survival game set in a war torn country. You control a group of people trying to live in a horrible situation. I really liked the background written for the characters; it made them feel more real than in most other games of this type.