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second verse a little bit better than the first. 0

     So Bioshock 1 wasnt bad. A Solid shooter with some scary bits to it. Also had one of the worst endings of a video game to date. But you didn't come here to talk about Bioshock 1 and if you did well yur in the wrong review.    Bioshock starts off with the sad tale of you. You play as a big daddy. they were introduced in Bioshock 1. you know its that guy with the old scuba suit on with the big drill for a right hand (awesome right?) This in itself has infinite possibilities but most seem ...

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You cant handle his style 0

Now let me start off by saying I hate point and click adventure. Never liked them. Probally never will.and I'm also not a fan of the whole homestar runner thing either. But something about this game just struck my funny bone. I played the game and actually enjoyed it to quite  a large sum as well. The game doesnt over do it on the extremly complicated things to find and you can even adjust the amount of hints strongbad drops.. The game is chok full of good humar such as his black metal detector ...

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Don't talk such rot 0

When it comes to a game like oblivion theres no real one place to start.I suppose its best to describe the game and its objective.Oblivion takes place in the land of Cyrodil .   You begin your adventure and right off the bat your asked to pick a class. You can either pick one of the preset classes or make your own. So if you ever wanted to be a level 50 mohawk now is your chance.   Then your asked to pick your Diety. Nothing to fancy there each god gives special skills and abilities blah blah. N...

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???? 0

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>Oh Suda you have done it again and i love you for it. Ever since Killer 7 I havn't had enough of you you stylish look to games makes even the poorest hardware look ever so strong. But this isnt about you suda. This is about No ...

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its over 0

Look we need to talk. Things arnt like they used to be. theyre not nearly as magical as it used to be. Youve become bland dry and distatsteful. Those very same things i loved about you are no longer true. maybe its not you. Maybe its me. Your single player is bland and well dumb.  why does it seem as soon as i take first place you always seems to have an array of blue turtle shells and everything else all aimed at me but when I'm falling behind I always have the golden mushroom or the bulltet bi...

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Headshot! 0

Hello unreal how are you? Good? you look good and sound good to for that matter. But people say your not aging well. I think you look fine for how thin you've been spreading yourself. Ok a little bit more on topic now unreal is just that. unreal. If i could have 1 thing in my life that would be the announcer of the UT games to follow me around narrating my life. I digress.   Unreal tournie is a fantastic shooter. Deffinatly underated. The game provides hours of fun explosions, veichles,weapons,a...

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An adventure in your backyard 0

Pikmin Takes place on a strange planet known to us as earth. Pikmin 2 is light hearted sequel to the first which vastly improves on alot of things. The first and most notable is the removal of the timer. No longer do you have only so many days to complete your quest allowing you more time to explore and simply mess around in the differant areas. Each overworld contains a series of dungeons containing many Quircky items such as the thirst quencher a 7-up bottlecap or a Dream Architecht Which is a...

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