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All time favorites

These are the games that I will love until my dying day.

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  • Just thinking about this game fills my black heart with joy. I seriously couldn't begin to count how many times I've played through this game. A real HD remake would make me buy a Wii U. Seriously.

  • The arcade version of Ms. Pac-man is still brilliant and was instrumental in developing my love of gaming.

  • 2D platforming at it's finest. No further explanation required.

  • Rapture is my favorite world ever created for a video game. A failed utopia on the bottom of the ocean, murdering crazy mutant folk, shooting bees and lightning from your hands, creating corpses by telekinetically throwing other corpses... that are ON FIRE. GENIUS.

  • It's hard to go back to the old GTA's at this point but it wasn't the gameplay that made Vice City special to me. The setting, characters, and atmosphere were perfect and resonated with me more so than GTA3 or San Andreas. I'd love to see another GTA set in the 80's. Please Rockstar?

  • My favorite of the old-school RE games, this game needs a damn HD remake almost as much as the Gamecube RE-make needs one.

  • Few games have flat-out blown my mind like MGS did. When I was finally able to sit down and play through it I was dumbstruck at it's ambition and the depth of the story. It's gameplay might not hold up so great now and the storytelling can be heavy-handed but it's still an absolute masterpiece.

  • The Mass Effect universe sucks me in like no other. Though it's contribution to Shepard's story are minimal, the thing that makes it rise above the other 2 games is the sense of exploring the universe and finding those random and diverse side quests.

  • My history with Final Fantasy games only goes back to FF7 but this is far and away my favorite of the recent FF's.

  • Ball-breaking 8-bit action at it's finest and most brutal. I never beat it and probably never will.

  • God, if you're listening, please inspire Valve to finish Half-Life 2 Episode 3 during my lifetime.

  • I wore out at least 2 SNES controllers thanks to this game. The definition of a classic.


  • This game is Rockstar's crowning achievement as far as character and world-building goes. A-mazing. Next gen sequel do it.

  • I wish I still had that hint book so I could play through this again. I'm not sure PS2 would hold up so great now but at the time it was light-years ahead of its peers.

  • A finer local multiplayer action/strategy game has yet to be made. Worms just never gets old.

  • GoW3 is the pinnacle of brutal, blood-splattered spectacle. It just so happens that I really like brutal, blood-splattered spectacles.

  • This is the game that made me truly love the Zelda series.

  • Actraiser is just as awesome today as it was the first time I played it. Amazing graphics and city-building that was more fun than it had any right to be keep this game relevant all these years later. And damn is the music fantastic. HD update please.

  • If you're into stabbing dudes whilst dressed all fancy-like, this is the game for you.

  • The first game to truly freak me out.