Best of 2013

2013 was clearly a quality over quantity year for me as I had a hard time filling ten spots.

List items

  • It's not out yet, but let's not kid ourselves. GTA5 will be awesome. EDIT: It's out and it's still my number 1.

  • Beautiful, depressing, horrifying, exhilarating, awesome.

  • Everybody loved it when it came out and somehow between then and now those same people decided that it was actually a pile of shit. Those people are stupid.

  • Note to all developers/publishers: this is how you reboot a franchise.

  • Everyone wanted to hate DS3 before they even played it thanks to EA's never-ending stream of anti-consumer shenanigans. MICROTRANSACTIONS? Yeah I hate them too. DS3 has them and they didn't impact the game at all. It could have been better overall but I still enjoyed the hell out of it.

  • The only fighting game that came out this year that was worth a damn IMO. Thankfully it was pretty exceptionally well done.

  • This is also a fine example of how to reboot a franchise. All of the fanboy crap that was hurled DMC's way was just that: crap. Great art design, level design and silky smooth combat make an action game great. Not the color of the protagonist's hair. Douche-bags.

  • This would have placed higher if it weren't for the fact that the version I played (PS3) was a buggy, un-optimized mess. This game screams "CASH-GRAB" and it show in the lack of polish. Arkham City looks and performs better and that is inexcusable. But is it a fun Batman game? Yes. Underneath all the bad shit is a totally servicable Batman game with a good story, improved detective stuff, and improved boss fights.