DLC that's actually worth it

Generally speaking, I'm not fan of DLC. I immediately saw it for the slippery slope that it is and, unsurprisingly, most publishers have abused the loyalty of their customers. But occasionally a piece of DLC comes out that's worth the price and provides worthwhile additions to the overall game experience. This list is for those DLC's. It's going to be a short list.

List items

  • Taking you out of the somewhat generic fantasy trappings in Oblivion to the trippy and weird land of the Shivering Isles was the perfect way to pull players back in. A strange and wonderful journey with tons of content, the hefty price tag it launched with was actually kind of justified.

  • Taking the straight-laced John Marston and throwing in a butt-load of zombies could have been a disaster, but Rockstar totally knocked it out of the park. The subtle changes to the world,the zombie carnage, and the reactions of familiar characters made Undead Nightmare a hoot from start to finish.

  • Mass Effect 2's Lair of the Shadow Broker, to be specific. It easily rose above the glut of uninspired DLC that was available for ME2 from day one.

  • Not everyone agreed that Bioshock 2 was worthwhile (I did) but most agreed that Minerva's Den is a great, self-contained story set in Rapture.

  • Whether or not you still care (or ever cared) about rhythm games you have to admit that Harmonix did DLC right.

  • "Pigsy's Perfect Ten" DLC for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West packs so much heart into a few short hours that it's simply astonishing. This is one great piece of content.

  • The "Whistleblower" DLC somehow managed to up the ante over the main game in ways that make me wonder how this made through ratings boards.