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One of the best PS1 puzzle games 0

Even after playing this game more than 10 years ago it still stands out in the puzzle genre. It may sound weird, but i do view it more as a puzzle game than as a strategy or even simulation. Being able to pick out the best path on your adventure down relies on seeing matched colors, reaction time and the hatred for blocks.  Its a simple game that delivers pure fun. You must give this game a try....

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I like it 0

I greatly enjoyed this game. The game play elements are a nice throwback to classic dungeon crawlers and are very fitting for the DS. The character artwork and sprites look really good and i find the music catchy.This game has a steep difficulty curve, and you will have to grind out some levels before you can survive the next dungeon. its also unclear on some bosses how you are supposed to approach them, so having a FAQ around is almost a must. the dungeon veriety just consists of different colo...

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