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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 version 1.3.0 details

No details on technical stuff, for those hoping for better Portable mode performance.

The additions and changes that are coming are really exciting, especially for me as I'm just only now entering the last few (I think) chapters of the game.

But I still don't see any inclusion of a pity rate for the core crystal system :(

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I read ahead of who was in the Japanese voice cast for some of the Rare Blades. That sealed the deal for me to play in Japanese as there are a few voice actors and actresses that I'm fond of doing work in Xenoblade 2. Unlimited Anime time!

The English voice overs seem very rough at first, but what I've heard from a buddy playing the game is that they even out as the game goes along. Also, the use of different accents really adds a lot of weird and wonderful flavor to the English voice overs.

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Uh... Xenoblade Chronicles X is a different, flawed beast to XC2. You might want to read up the forum topics on that game on this website to see how your fellows took to that one. I enjoyed it, but it was a disappointment after loving XC1.

The new patch is here and all the little improvements are very welcome. As far as I can tell, the Easy Mode in Tiger, Tiger! takes out the wall collision damage which makes playing the minigame so less nerve-wrecking.

I've only just finished Chapter 4, but I must say that I simply adore how consistently spectacular the chapter ends are so far. The strong story moments were few and sporadic in XC1 and XCX. They are so much better in every way in XC2. Granted, Monolith is cribbing heavy from anime, but they are doing it with a confidence and grace that echoes my good times with Asura's Wrath.

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@westernwizard: Thanks for the tip! It makes sense that I would miss that button prompt on the bottom since I missed the Zoom In/Zoom Out on the Skip Travel menu.

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With Tiger, Tiger!, I thank those that found the bonus area in Stage 2 that shows up on the random map where there are crystals on the right edge of the screen past a red dropping spider. Press right on the screen and you get taken to a bonus screen where ether crystals (that are worth 10x) and spikes shower on you.


In addition to some bug fixes, we will address the following points:

  • An easy mode will be added to Tiger! Tiger!
  • When you press the X button, the Skip Travel screen will open the map to your current location. We hope this will make it easier to spot Skip Travel locations and Salvage Points on the map.
  • An additional 1:1 zoom on the mini map will be displayed by pressing the L Stick. This will allow improved visibility of your surroundings and make it easier to check quest locations.

We will further improve the convenience of the mini map as we add more quests and additional elements for second playthroughs next year for all players (not just those who purchased the Expansion Pass!) We appreciate your continued patience.

  • In your second playthrough, you will be able to have “those” Blades join your party! You can also dispatch Blades like Pyra and Dromarch as a Merc Group, and unlock the “LV 4 Special” of a certain Blade.

Hey, welcome to Nintendo's first Early Access game experience! I kid... but only a little. I still really enjoy this game (and maybe am starting to love it as I slowly make my way through Chapter 4), but it is overwhelming how it feels that this game did not get a Quality of Life UX pass because they needed to make a date. Granted, Xenoblade Chronicles X wasn't exactly friendly either, but XC2 feels markedly more sloppy than the past two XC games to me. Doesn't help that Monolith Soft bolted on more systems to the Xenoblade Chronicles framework.

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@rorie said:

Super shame. I was thinking of picking this up for playing over the holiday break, but since I only ever play in handheld, I guess I'll skip it!

Aww. No review copy to check out?

For me, portable mode is okay. But I can stomach the wild dips in frame rate and resolution.

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Loading Video...

Austin and Danika are lovely in this. A little critical discussion on the anime boobs, for those that want or don't want to hear talk about it.

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I like this one sentence from Director Tetsuya Takahashi

The Driver stats are also low in the beginning, so it's enough to just resonate with Common Core Crystals instead of forcing your characters to use Rare or Legendary Core Crystals. In addition, the "Unnamed Core Crystal" that Gramps gives you at the start will always contain a Wind-element Blade with Knuckle Claws, so note that there's no point in trying to reroll this item.

Ah, he knows exactly what he's doing to us! (Rerolling is deleting and reinstalling a Japanese mobile game to get a better roll at the first courtesy roll in the game's gacha.)

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@axersia:Gratz! The gacha Gods have blessed you. I'm gonna keep trying to juice cores with Justice Boosters (I think Light/Dark element up?) and hope I resonate with her.

@instantryan: Oh, that makes sense. That's kinda neat.

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The changes to the battle system this time around makes it very combo and cancelling heavy. Straight up, if you aren't cancelling, you aren't being efficient. It's neat, but a lot. You're still mashing auto attacks and arts as in Xenoblade 1, so I wouldn't pick it up if you didn't enjoy fighting in the first game.

Small tip, you can cancel your auto-attack chain at the third and final combo by moving a tiny bit. This cancels the lengthy animation that runs to reset the auto-attack chain back to zero. This will speed up auto-attacks and lets you build arts a bit quicker.