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E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

eroticfishcake: E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

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  • The first inFAMOUS was a fantastic and original take on superheroes. Not only did Sucker Punch manage to create a "realistic" story on a growing hero (or villian) but the story and gameplay went hand to hand with each other. Cole, despite being endowed with the power to manipulate electricity, he had to rely on the power sources that dotted the city. Thus he wasn't particularly invincible. By managing this, players were given a good sense of achievement without feeling too powerful and were rewarded accordingly to their actions. A fantastic game without a doubt and a sequel ought to crank up the action fairly well. Ride the lightning!

  • Here's hoping that they won't fuck up the sequel to an otherwise excellent game (the first one that is). Deus Ex was one the most engrossing games I've ever played despite the shortfalls that occasionally plagued it. While I've yet to see any gameplay footage on this, the setting and time of it is enough to intrigue me in this. From watching the trailers it's clear that Square-Enix have poured a lot of money into making this game so whether it'll become a great success or tumble and fall like the second title, has yet to be seen. Either way, this is going to get interesting. "I wanted Orange! It gave me Lemon & Lime."

  • I'll be frank. I don't like the looks of the 3DS. It feels like it's the bastard child of a Sony PSP and a Nintendo DS. But that aside, there's still some love for it. I'm not exactly a massive fan of 3D effects but the fact that Nintendo has managed to create a 3D effect without the use of dodgy spectacles is pretty impressive. While it's not new that companies have implemented such technologies onto handhelds like mobile phones (or cells), it's great to have such technology loaded onto a handheld gaming device. It'll be interesting to see how developers will make use of such innovations. Afterall, the Nintendo brought two screens together with microphone and touch screen support and look how popular that turned out to be. It's in THREEEEEEEEEEE DEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  • David Jaffe you sly man, you. You've been working on this and you don't even have the decency to tell even me? Why I've been playing Twisted Metal in large quantities over my childhood and I've been waiting for a (decent) sequel in a long time! It's only natural that my nostalgia is giving you my money. What ever happened to Axel anyway?

  • I've never played the first one since I never had an Xbox. Although they did port a Wii version soon afterwards I wasn't particularly impressed with the quality of it. So tickle me fucking hyped when Capcom decides to develop a sequel for the 360 and PS3. Finally I get some of the gory and bloody zombie action. Wonder if you can combine a dildo with a power drill...

  • No introduction needed. The first one was ambitious in it's design that it sounded great even before it was released. What a pleasant surprise that it was when we finally got our hands on it. With a sequel coming soon along side co-op support. Who knows what sort of hijinks Valve would weave for us to get tangled into? Where's my Half-Life 2 EP3?

  • Yes. I know. The first one was overhyped and broken (fridge and handcuffs anyone?) but I've always liked the concept of Scribblenauts. Despite the fact that it had flaws I think it's important that it had them in the first place so 5th Cell can learn from these previous mistakes and make Scribblenauts even better. And hey, I hear adjectives are all the rage amongst kids now. Gentlemanly Red Raptor approves.

  • I like the Fable series. Like it's creator, Peter Molyneux, it's ambitious to become a great RPG game but what's not so great is that it's too ambitious and thus it almost feels disappointing when you actually sit down and play the game. Even so, the series has got some serious determination and potential to be the game it wants to be and when it does, I'll be one happy camper. With two previous Fable titles under it's belt, Lionhead ought to take cons and pros of them and fiddle around with them, making Fable 3 a better game. I won't have high expectations on this but hopefully it'll exceed them. Don't disappoint me you bald fuck!

  • Metal Gear Solid: Rising should be interesting. It's a console release without Hideo Kojima in a directorial role and it seems much more action orientated in comparison to the previous MGS titles. Quite the gamble really but it's probably why I'm so interested in this along with it's disturbing obsession with cutting shit up. What's more, with Raiden in the lead role once again it might it should be interesting to see how the fans react. Still early to say but overall I'll be keeping an eye on this. Cooking Mama: Raiden Edition

  • I've got mixed feelings on Kinect. The name being one of the problems. It does sound relevant to what it is but at the same time it just sounds incredibly generic. I actually prefer the original title of Natal over the current name. But with that aside, I do love Kinect. Conceptually anyway, although I will always prefer original controllers over pure motion control, Kinect is quite the technical achievement in computer technology and it should open the doors for new ways of playing games. But that's what I'm concerned of, the games. So far at E3 we've all seen the Wii Fit clones along with the family orientated games but there's nothing I've seen yet that makes Kinect's potential really shine. Probably the most useful thing I've heard about is Forza 3 using it to track head movement so looking around is easier then twiddling the right analog stick. It's too early to give any proper conclusion on Kinect but for the time being I'm just not feeling it. "Kinect with Rapelay. In stores near you!"

  • With an 'evolved' version of the 360 platform it's good to hear that Microsoft has developed it based on the feedback of it's consumers. Although it does look like a horrible PC tower as most people put it, the colour gives it a more modern look to it along with a more sensible layout (in comparison to the last model) with built in wi-fi and a 250GB HDD. All for the $300. Not too shabby,eh? I've got some slight doubts about it considering the poor build quality of the original 360 but since Microsoft has had more time to develop the new model, it ought to be better built and more reliable. At least, from the sound of it. If it's true though then it's good timing on my part since I've been meaning to get a 360 and what better version to get then the new one? No more red rings of death. Finally I can stop associating the 360 with STDs.


    Finally, a fucking release date! Which I've just forgotten!