My first S rank, and an overwhelming sense of disappointment

Well I got my first S rank - the steam version of Deathspank. Was it worth it - not really. This game gets tedious fast, and after 3 hours of it, I was merely looking to finish the game for the sake of finishing, rather than to complete it to see where the plot was going. I must admit that the humour was initially great - but after your umpteenth fetch quest, the whole poking fun at the rpg genre thing was getting ridiculous. Collecting 50 tin cans, the quest with the talking tree wanting a variety of spurious items. Perhaps I didn't get the laughs, or perhaps it was a thinly veiled attempt at hiding what was some otherwise lacklustre gameplay. I will not be getting the sequel....especially considering ranged combat was particularly lacking.
That said - damm easy S rank. Got it in 7 hours


Arkham Asylum

I am not usually a man for achievement hunting, but I got really fixed on the Riddler's challenge - I think that it wasn't completely mindless that made it a somewhat more unique experience when compared to the usual searching for trinkets.
Really glad steam had the GOTY for £10 - well worth the price - bring on Arkham City!