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Weight Loss: Week 4

Canadian thanksgiving, not really much to update except for... 
216.4 lb. 
Down from my original weight 3 weeks ago of 234 by almost 20 pounds.


Weight Loss: Week 3

Mostly a liquid diet of meal replacement for the week.  
From 234 to begin with, to... 
Trying to hit 190, seems like a healthy weight for me.


Weight Loss: Week 2

As Monday comes to a close, after eating mostly protein meal supplement, yogurt and cottage cheese for the week, I clock in AAAATTT: 
I realize this is craaazy fast, and hopefully I don't hurt myself, orthodontic devices make it difficult to eat real food, which helped a lot with the diet. Still had a few "real" meals, but I found myself needing far smaller portions to feel full. Good luck to everyone out there trying the same thing, you just need enough willpower to see the results and then you start to feel way better about the entire process. Thanks for the support and tips, you guys really helped out.


Weight Loss: Week 1

Keeping a weekly documentation of my diet, mainly for accountability. I might end up doing this once a day, to keep a more accurate picture of the foods I'm eating throughout the day. It would be kickass if you guys could give me tips, and just mainly pester me so I can't "forget" about it. Hope is to lose around 40 pounds. Thanks in advance for any and all support.
Current weight: 234 lb.


God of War 3 Ending

Felt a little like the ending tarnished Kratos' violence for the sake of violence, didn't like how they felt the need to justify his actions. Realize this may be a bit soon to the release, if you haven't finished, don't read. With him destroying man-kind and allllll the gods, I was really digging his antagonistic vibe, but regardless of his selfish intentions, he was really doing a good thing. This seems to negate his mindless killing, which I am not down with.