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Hello person.  Thanks for checking in on my profile.  Who am I?  Why I'm Ethan, one of the co-founders of Whiskey Media, a staff member of Giant Bomb.   

So what do I do here?  I started at Whiskey Media as an engineer, in fact I wrote the code fo Comicvine.com before the site became part of Whiskey Media.  Over the years we've hired some terrific engineers which has freed me up to manage other aspects of our growing network of sites.  Besides fixing bugs, I'm focused on promoting and helping the Whiskey Media community.  That makes me your Director of Community. 
So if you have a question about the website, the rules, the content send me a PM and I'll get back to you.  

What I Like

I love cars and Top Gear.  My wife got us tickets to go to UFC 121.  I think what Ken Block is doing to promote rally car racing in the US is awesome and I bought a pair of rad DC Shoes to support his efforts.  Whiskey Media Rally Race Team coming soon. 

Me taunting you from UFC 121 
Me taunting you from UFC 121 

 twitter: red_lamp