Whiskey Media Player Profile: Andy McCurdy

Engineers are often temperamental nerds who work behind-the-scenes in basement dungeons in between WoW or Civ V marathons, and our head engineer Andy McCurdy is no different!   Years ago, Andy championed our transition from PHP to Django and continuously evaluates new technologies.  Being something of a mystery of evolution himself, he shows no fear in evolving out technology stack. 
We met Andy way back in 2004 when many of us worked at Cnet together.  In 2007 he became a founding member of Whiskey Media.  Andy is our VP of Technology and is one of the most patiently helpful engineering tutors I have ever met.  

Fun Facts (supplied by Andy)

  • Identifies with Dexter the titular serial killer.
  • Loves NFL and refers to Raven's players as his own. 
  • Refuses to poop at work, in favor of his commode at home. 
 Red Neck Andy at NASCAR in Sonoma.  No joke.
 Red Neck Andy at NASCAR in Sonoma.  No joke.
For this investigative report, I recently spent an afternoon with Andy in his home town of Walnut Creek, California.  At Urban Outfitters Andy modeled a jacket. Next he took me to a wine bar where we drank wine.  Later that day he grilled a mean tri-tip steak. Renaissance man!

Southern Rock hair Andy and very fetching jacket.
Southern Rock hair Andy and very fetching jacket.

Other Fun Facts

  • Married to a woman (sorry ladies).
  • Has a mentally handicap yellow lab named Titan.
  • HIs dog, Titan, once sprayed my house with the fish sauce stench of anal glands. I moved my family shortly after.
  • Loves WoW and Settlers of Catan.
  • Andy's Giant Bomb profile: Andy
  • Andy's Twitter profile:  AndyMcCurdy 
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