Games Played 2021

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  • Jan - 8

    Despite it's flaws I didn't put this game down until I had cleared every icon on the map. And I can't wait to do it again when DLC comes out

  • Jan - 5*

    I have never played a vania game before, I hated 2D platformers, this one changed my mind, I hope to enjoy others in the future. And a truly touching ending.

  • Feb - 5*

    The amount of stuff in the game keeps it fresh for the whole time, I do think it's a bit long at times, but after finishing it, I hoped there was more.

  • In Progress

  • Jan- 4*

    A basic platformer, but it's presentation and content make it put a smile on my face.

  • Feb - 3*

    I appreciate the directness of this game. It doesn't outstay it's welcome. Solid middle of the road open world swinging about.

  • Feb - 2*

    I love Hitman, but this is just too similar to the last 2, and it's also far too short. I don't like replaying missions over and over, I'm just a straight line guy, so I ended up finishing this in half a dozen hours. I hope they spend more time for the next one and overhaul the experience, it's stale at this point.

  • Feb - 2*

    It was really boring, but then they did some really interesting things toward the end of the game that was very cool and surprising. Also it's short, so it doesn't matter that about 70% of it was boring.