Gaming with Little Time

Ok sooo

I just got into the “real world” recently. The main purpose of this whole entry starts in paragraph 3, so if you don’t too much care about me, skip on down. I graduated college in mid-may, which is pretty telling of my age. “OMG congratulations!!!!” Stfu, it sucks dick and you know it. I started work on my first, real, full-time job about 3 weeks ago. It’s not exactly the job of my choice, so I can safely say that the real world gets pretty damn boring. 10 hour work days just really aren’t my thing. Hence, I started blogging all the time. I get to work on a computer unsupervised, so, in my downtime, I can luckily come to Giant Bomb and talk about games and such.

Sob story: I do still live with my parents. “HAHA you’re one of those failures!” Not exactly, person-who-isn’t-actually-here. I am just in the process of getting a job in Korea to teach English, which would start prior to the end of the year. Getting signed into a lease or rent would just be a waste of money, so I’m waiting it out. I also have a girlfriend that takes up a solid portion of the time I get off.

Now, I tell you all that to get to my question. As a person who is either at work or only has 15 to 30 minutes to actually play something, what is the kind of games that you go to? What games do you start playing when you have only a short while before you have to do something else?

For me, it’s come down to browser games. I’ve been questing like a mofo on the Giant Bomb site because I find it hilariously entertaining. I also jump on Kongregate and tear up those long-term games that take energy to do action. My favorite one so far is War Metal: Tyrant. I happen to appreciate card games, and that one has a large amount of unique cards, so it’s a pretty good time. Where do Giant Bombers go, though?! Am I doing it wrong? If there’s some massive hit that I just haven’t heard of, do tell.

These kinds of short games have their place, but this may not be the forum where I can get answers. Maybe everyone here is more on the big-time games scale. Idk, but it’d be cool if you did have suggestions.

Until next time,

Brian Stas