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My Games of 2012

These are the games I played for the first time in 2012. Some were released that year, some were not. Ranked, roughly, by how much I enjoyed playing them.

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  • Exceptional. Wish the visual performance was a bit better on Xbox 360, but most games don't beat the storytelling and emotion found in these five episodes.

  • I'm a sucker for Hong Kong/Triad action stuff, so that immediately worked for me. But the story and atmosphere was built on a truly fun game. This game beat my middling expectations.

  • So much fun. The story is really the only weakness I can fault. I mean, my god, every time Jason opens his whiny mouth I cringe.

  • I love Deus Ex-type games, and this really hit the spot for me. I didn't really get sucked in to the story or world like I kinda wished I had.

  • Adds player agency to tower defense in a fun way, and the loot & upgrade system worked surprisingly well. Bring on Trenc, er, Iron Brigade 2!

  • Tons of fun. Takes what Starbreeze did with the original and made it so much better.

  • Actually completed this game for the first time this year. You guys, this game is fun.

  • So I'm not sure I'll be able to actually finish this due to some bug a few levels from the end, but this game is fucking awesome regardless.

  • Great fun, and a smart way to let me use my massive song library in a new way.

  • I have no interest in playing the single-player at all, but multiplayer is damn fun. Still wish it was more like Burnout, but this will certainly suffice for now.

  • More of the same, and that's a good thing.

  • There are plenty of legitimate criticisms that can be leveled at the COD franchise, but for my entertainment there is still no other series making this kind of game with this kind of quality. The shooting mechanics are my favorite in gaming, it looks great, it's polished, and it's a fun ride.

  • Good. Pretty good.

  • Very fun little game. Super cool mechanics and real nice character with some slight humor. Dig the music too. I just wish it was a lot longer, and I could have done without the tedious and mildly frustrating boss battle at the end.

  • Never been a huge fan of games like this, but this one clicked for me. Addictive.

  • It's fantastic, and I had no major problem with the ending like some, but ultimately a bit of a disappointment after the second game. Felt...smaller.

  • Loved the open world, the combat, and the quests. This one was a big surprise.

  • I love the original games, and while this was a great action tale, it wasn't the Max Payne I wanted. Multiplayer was surprisingly fun, and held my attention for a few weeks.

  • An undeniably fun adventure, though I still don't actually like shooting guys in these games.

  • Really surprised how much I enjoyed this game. Liked the smaller, more contained story, and the game was really gorgeous. And messing around with Insomniac's weapons are always fun.

  • Mostly the same as previous games, but still a lot of fun.

  • The gameplay is typical at best, but the atmosphere and storytelling is some of the most interesting so far this year.

  • A gorgeous adventure that I took in with one sitting. A bit overrated, I'd say.

  • Scary fun, and I really enjoyed introducing it to others and watching them play it.

  • Yo, you want to dance in front of your TV? This is a great way to do it.

  • Kinda weird (in a good way), mostly fun, but nothing too special.

  • It never quite clicked all the way, but some fun action and fantastic visuals.

  • It's fairly beautiful, and fairly standard. I hate the WAH WAH.

  • You watch this more than play it, but it was fun. Found myself wishing it was over sooner.

  • Competent but boring.

  • Beautiful, interesting, fleeting.

  • A skeleton of a good game. Some good ideas and world-building, but gameplay is rote and the game seemed way short. To be fair I didn't try multiplayer/co-op, though, just campaign.

  • Super fun at first, but it blows its load all too soon.

  • Enjoyable only as a nostalgia trip.

  • Finally finished this piece of shit. Even the achievement haul was crappy. Sometimes I hate being a Bond fan.

  • Blah. I've never cared about the Ezio storytelling, there was nothing fun to do with Desmond, and the gameplay was the same as always. Not bad, just...blah. Super blah.