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My Favorite Sega Master System Games

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  • This game was a trip. Never beat it, but always liked its graphics.

  • Ugh! I still have not beaten this game. A few years ago I got the GBA collection and a few days I ago I fired it back up just to find myself stuck in the same spot I was a child - trying to find Medusa.

  • I loved the quiz section of this game. It was too Japanese centric and if you failed, you essentially lost a way to win. Only as a child do you have the patience to sit through these things multiple times to parse out the right answers through random guessing.

  • Let's place a bucket over that door... or how about a gun in that drawer. I think I'd rather get surprised by the bucket.

  • This light-gun shooter was a lot of fun. Grenades were the key to success.

  • Remember the water level that had you jumping from small island to island. That was tough. Thankfully, Enduro had an easy level-up system, but you had to use it wisely to win.

  • Everyone knows Shinobi!

  • This game holds a special place in my heart because it made me feel really smart. As a kid I always read game manuals. Dragons's Trap's manual held an awesome secret in it - a password to start off with a super powerful character.

  • What I loved about Black Belt were the over-the-top sequences after you beat a boss.

  • Kind of like the poor man's Double Dragon. Helped us underdog Master System fans hold our heads-up.

  • Greg Miller from IGN famously loves this game. I thought I was the only person that loved it. Punching lights was never so fun.

  • This came with Safari Hunt, if you purchased a launch Master System. The game was fun - had nice arcade graphics.

  • Safari Hunt was the other half of the Hang-On duo cartridge. A light-gun shooter, it had you taking out dubious creatures, such as spiders. Certainly not Duck-Hunt, but fun nonetheless.

  • Another very, very hard game. It had fantastic graphics and I always enjoyed attaching and shooting those tiny modules from your ship.

  • As a kid, any game with Kid in the title felt made for me. Kung-Fu Kid was no exception. It saw you jump-kicking your way in an otherwise standard side scrolling beat-em-up that were so popular for the time.