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Guitar Hero's Fourth Installment is Mediocre at Best 0

         When Guitar Hero World Tour was announced in early 2008, it quickly climbed its way into my "Most Anticipated Games" list for that year. The game promised many things, complete character and instrument customization, a mammoth track list, a studio mode for creating your own songs, and state of the art new peripherals. Unfortunately, World Tour rarely delivers on any of these promises. While it can be fun at times, World Tour's many problems usually outweigh the good qualities of the gam...

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The Landscapes are Ugly, but they Blow Apart Beautifully 0

     The Red Faction series has had somewhat of a cult following over the years. While the series has garnered critical acclaim since the first installment, it has failed to reach true mainstream success. Now, almost seven years since Red Faction II hit consoles, developer Volition, Inc. brings us Red Faction: Guerrilla. Did the developer's latest outing on the Xbox 360 prove to be a success? I'd say it did.      Red Faction: Guerrilla still takes place on Mars, like the previous games in the se...

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Mercenaries 2 is Great Fun, but full of Game-killing bugs. 0

Most people who will buy and have bought Mercenaries 2: World in Flames either A.) Played the original or B.) Love to watch shit get blown up. If you fit neither of these demographics, I can almost assure you that you will hate this game, and you need not read further. However, if you are in one of or both of those groups, you will more than likely really dig this game. Basically when it all comes down to it, Mercenaries 2 is about capturing outposts for various factions. These factions include ...

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Aerosmith Fan or Not, This is a Solid Title 1

In the summer of 2007 Activision released the Harmonix-created Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's. The game had a solid but extremely short tracklist and very little in the way of change to the Guitar Hero 2 formula. To top it all off, it was fifty bucks! The game was seen as a cash in but saved mainly due to its solid setlist. Nearly a year after Rocks the 80's we're faced with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith which covers mostly Aerosmith while also including songs from bands that played with or "inspir...

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