My Top Five Games, All Time

In no particular order.

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  • JRPGs have gone from a respected genre to a subtle insult in the past few years. The genre refused to adapt to the American RPG market that often fuses one or more genres with it. I disagree with using JRPG as a pejorative. The story could be a novel in itself, and it's mixture of Gundam and religious dogma make it an unbelievable experience. While linear and filled with text, this game couldn't exist any other way. Essential to any fan of traditional RPGs.

  • The video game equivalent of Star Wars: A New Hope. Except Lucas' 'vision' won't get in the way. An enjoyable cast, great voice work, and a main character who slowly becomes an avatar for your will. Knowing all of your decisions will make an impact later in the following game make this an fun and extensive experience that begs for multiple completions.

  • The follow up to Mass Effect that is better in almost every single way. It's the video game equivalent of The Empire Strikes Back.

  • Two hundred hours, and I'm still not bored exploring the Wastes. A good amount of the DLC adds depth, and the amount a unique weapons makes subsequent playthroughs just as enjoyable as the first time. I will say that the increased level-cap does make the character building pointless at max level.

  • While not as iconic and well-known as it's predecessor, I found Chrono Cross to have more depth, a challenging true ending, an intriguing gameplay mechanic in elements, and enough playable characters that everyone could have a full party that's not only effective, but likable. The uniqueness of the speech depending on your party members was a great touch as well.