The Groovy Gamer Podcast is being rebooted next week

Hey duders and dudettes!


Jennacide and myself are launching our podcast next week, around April 26th/27th depending on your time zone


you will be able to subscribe on iTunes, or listen on the site, and we will probably post the show here as well in our blogs, we hope you will check us out and give us go. We made a silly promo for the new show and i hope it entices you to check it out. we hope to have Adam Boyes on as a special guest as his time allows within the first few shows



cheers and all the best






What You Miss If You Don't Follow Adam Boyes On Twitter!

So last night, Adam Boyes did a live Ustream from Johnny V's house with Johnny V's super cool fiance and a man i will call legfinger, if you don't follow Adam Boyes or Ryan Davis on twitter, you probably missed out on a very surreal experience, which may or may not be archived here 
So for those who did miss the show, i decided to re enact some of the highlights, in the form of the drawings found in the back of "Highlights Magazine" 


the night started when Adam barged in on Johnny V taking a shit, we learned he plays Plants Vs Zombies while pooping 


Adam then got pissed when Johnny dropped a battery in his drink and called Smirnoff Ice "gay" 

we then met Adam's new partner at Beffy Media, a man with many accents and apparently 10 legfingers, we also learned the legfinger origin story

after we met Johnny's fiance and the party got more out of control, someone in chat made the most dead on comment about how he felt like he was watching the wrong room in Night Trap while the vampires killed everyone else in the house 


we learned way too many personal details about Johnny V's sex life, including the fact that he may or may not do his Ice-T impression while engaging in foreplay, for the record, his fiance revealed this information 


Johnny yelled at Adam for leaving the strawberry shortcake out and his armada of cats ate the whole thing and were preparing to shit the night away 


in the end, all;s well that ends well, as everyone was happy once Johnny and Adam started breaking it down to Sugar Hill Gang on Def Jam Rapstar 
So in closing, you never know what your going to miss if you dont follow interesting people on twitter