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Will Homefront Make You Yell "Wolverines"? Probably Not. 0

    When the most memorable thing about your game is the free tacos you were handing out to people on the streets of San Francisco, clearly something has gone wrong. Not only has developer Kaos Studios missed the mark on what should have been a great shooter set in a dystopian near future, what they put together seems down right lazy and offensive to charge full retail price for. So what went wrong with this long anticipated entry into the first person shooter genre? Where do we even start?   In...

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A Movie Tie In Game That's Not Crap 0

       It would have been easy for publisher Paramount Digital Entertainment and developer Behaviour Interactive to rehash the story of the Paramount Pictures/Nickelodean feature film Rango in this movie tie in game, but what they crafted was a new story extending the Rango fiction, beyond the events of the film. As much as this is a blessing, it also is one of the few shortfalls in this well crafted throwback action platform game.  I have not seen the film yet, so when I started the game,I was...

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No Bad For A Very Niche Game 0

 Greg Hastings Paintball 2 may have been released at a budget price, but it does not lack features or content found in most full price games. The meat of the single player experience is career mode. You recruit real life players to join your paintball team and compete in a ladder of unlock able tournaments and one off events. After each successful victory, you earn money which is used to either upgrade individual teammates skills, or to purchase a multitude of new equipment and gear that is appl...

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