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Getting in "The Zone"

I just downloaded the PSN game Astro Tripper and after playing a fair bit of it, I wasn't doing very well in it.

One thing that was bothering me about this game is the complete lack of music in-game.
It does however support custom soundtracks... 
which actually just left me with another problem:

"What music goes well for a game like this?"

For some reason the first thing I though of when trying to think of some fitting music, was the music from the original Stardust for the Amiga.
... And sure enough I was able to find mp3's on the net of soundtrack to that game...

Sure enough as soon as I put this music on for the game, I was able to get in the zone, and did a lot better at the game.

I especially like this theme: Level 3
... Not that I was ever able to actually get to level 3 in the original Stardust game, but basically all the level-themes are similar. A simple thumping techno-loop... But I find that style so fitting for this kind of game.

And thus I want to ask what kind of custom music you choose for these kind of games? Preferable something legally downloadable.
I haven't even begun filling my PS3 with music.