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Re-buying games *just* because they are cheap...

 I actually think I've done something like this before...  

 Anyway, I just bought this: 
It's Bully for the PS2 and it was only approximately 4$. 
While it may not seem that overly cheap for americans, keep in mind that your 5$-bargain bins are more like 10$-bargain bins in my country (well, 9,5$). 
So considering how good this game is, this is actually a steal. 
The only thing is - I already have this game... So I can only wonder why I actually bought it. 
Actually, I've currently lent out my other copy of the game to my nephews, but I honestly don't think I'm going to replay the game, just because I have a new copy. 
... But I guess they can keep the game now. 
I recall I did this with "Devil May Cry" too once.
I'm just wondering if anybody else does stuff like this.