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SOASC: The kind of insanity I can relate to

While surfing for some retro game-music due to a recent thread on this board, I stumbled over this madness.

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So what is it?

It's a rig consisting of 4 PC's and 2 Commodore 64's... and it's basically a project designed to automatically record every SID ever made.

The rig is automated and records the audio output of 2 C64's in real-time, and uploads the resulting mp3's to be available for download on SOASC.
The final result will require over 400 Gb of storage - which is a fair bit more than the 40-50 Mb of storage the entire collection of SID-files takes up.

The reason there is 2 C64's connected has not actually anything to do with speeding up the process, but is actually because that through the production of the C64, it was fitted with 2 different versions of the SID-soundchip. While the older version actually was buggy, it's generally considered to have a *warmer* sound. For this reason SIDS are generally programmed to sound "correct" on either the older or the newer soundchip.

Considering how small storage-wise the entire SID-collection is and how good current emulation technology for SID-playback is (win / osx), the insanity of this project becomes even more apparent. This is for purists who NEED the authentic sound.
I don't know who these people might be.

However I can't do anything but love the effort and the project.