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Yoomp! - and Atari XL/XE emulation

So I saw this video on a youtuber's page about a homebrew game for Atari XE called Yoomp!  
The Youtube-channel is Nice and Games

It's pretty awesome - and actually I'll suggest anyone to check this guys channel out if you're into retro stuff. 
He is pretty entertaining. 
However this game had me interested enough to go through the trials and tribulations of getting an emulator of this computer to work. 
This was in fact a bit of a hassle. Mostly because although I know about a lot retro computers - I grew up with Commodore computers, so I've never even tried emulating this particular system before. 
But it worked and now I've gotten the game working on my mac... and it is... awesome. 
Honestly never got the impression that the Atari were capable music on par with the C64. 
Pick up the game at http://yoomp.atari.pl  and the music is available there too. 
The emulator I went with was Atari800Macx which of cause is for mac. It is probably easier to find a good emulator for Windows.
However now that I've got Atari emulation up and running - I figure someone on these forum may have suggestions for games to look for for this system.  

Keep in mind that I know most classic games for C64, so it is a bit interesting for me if it is Atari-specific titles... or at least games where the superior version is for Atari.