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Retrogames worth a list :-) Mostly C64 & Amiga

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  • For the C64 an graphically impressive game. It's a side-scrolling Beat'em'up-ish game, although you can put away your sword too, since you'll encounter non-aggressive enemies like peasants and monks. The game is mainly bogged down by it's somewhat unforgiving control-scheme, but has a lot other things going for it. It's differently worth a look if it ever shows up on Virtual Console :-)

  • Although many remember the C64 version of this game, my experience with this title has been the of the Amiga version. The graphics and music are simply great, and the boss-fights are differently also impressive.

    It has clearly draws some heavy inspiration from Metroid by having you're character be able to turn to a morph-ball, and gameplay-wise it draws somewhat from contra... Although as a kid I didn't know any of those 2, so I hold this in higher regard... that's nostalgia for you.

    Games of this franchise made it to consoles like SNES & Mega Drive, but doesn't quite play as well as Turrican 2 for the Amiga... But this might (again) just be nostalgia talking.