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A list of my current game-consoles... Well, except for my GP32 which Giant Bomb haven't got in their database. To bad, really - It's awesome :-) 
The list is sorted after in which I acquired first.

List items

  • The library for this console is huge. If you are like me and are a fighting games fan, this console really was a must with games like Tekken 4 & 5 and Virtua Fighter 4 as exclusives. It also have a lot of J-RPG's if that's your thing (it used to be my thing, but I kind of lost interest... or perhaps I just lost time willing to spend). At Multi-platform however I tend to buy the X-box version because of the slightly improved graphics. The PS2 is without a doubt my most played console.

  • Hardly needs any introduction. Since mine is soft-modded it's great for emulation. The possibility of installing games on harddisk is also really handy, and certainly should be standard on all current-gen consoles, however it's obvious why it's not. You only have my word for it, that I don't have games I don't legally own installed... but of cause, the legality of emulation is a subject onto itself none the less.

  • The weirdest thing. This is a basicly an Amiga 1200 without keyboard and a CD-drive instead of a floppy-drive.

    Not exactly THE Amiga to get, since there basically weren't any games out that actually utilised the hardware, but it does allow for running ordinary Amiga games of CD's which is pretty nifty.

    Also Pirates! Gold (which is awesome) is a *semi* exclusive... only problem being that a savegame for the game used up pretty much the entire internal memcard. Obviously this console wasn't completely thought through, when having a internal memcard that can not be changed ;-)

  • The first of the last-gen consoles. Has an remarkable amount of platform exclusives that actually are worth a look - however after all these years many of them are not "really" exclusives anymore, since many titles has been re-released for other consoles.

    Should be checked out for games like Toy Commander, Power Stone and Soul Calibur if nothing else... Believe me. Soul Calibur is still worth checking out. It IS the best of the series

  • Well, it's actually called Mega Drive here in Europe... I don't really think it needs any introduction. It's the console with Sonic, Gunstar Heroes and generally the more gritty versions of games of that era. Mine is mostly for Mortal Kombat 2 :-)

  • I use my Wii a fair amount. I find there is a lot of exclusive games that are worth having this console alone, however as far as multi-platform games I would most likely go with the PS2-version (or console above). Controls for multi-platform games are most likely bad. Games like Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Geometry Wars Galaxies and Wii Sports made this console worth it for me.

    I'm also fairly excited about Wii-Ware. It seems like it's coming in to it's own.

  • As far as handheld consoles go, this really is the one you should own. The amount of good games for it is plentiful and games like Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission makes the backwards compatibility with Gameboy Advance worth it I think. Also many developers seem to actually have found good use of the stylus.

  • The first *true* current-gen console I acquired - I got the Wii first, but some people don't consider that current-gen.

    I'm pretty impressed so far and actually like PSN, and because I got my Xbox 360 last, I've become accustomed to not pay for multiplayer online.

    I'm obviously limited to PS3 exclusives and multi-platform games, and although there's not really a PS3 exclusive I *really* care about - I'm eased by the notion that exclusives are a dying concept.

  • This is the latest console I added to my collection, and I celebrated it by playing the hell out of Mass Effect :-)

    I actually still tend to buy PS3-versions of games if I have the choice. It's probably an old habit, however considering I've not been bothered to pay for a gold subscription, the PS3-version of games are a bit more appealing.

    It's pretty cool that you can pick up good games for cheap, simply because of the amount of games that are available.

    I can't believe how cheap Forza 2 was, and I've been playing that game a lot.