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Pile of shame

Games I own but remain completely unplayed... or at least ALMOST unplayed.

List items

  • This is one of the first current-gen games, and it didn't draw me in.

    I imagine Uncharted 1, GTA4 and Bionic Commando rearmed

  • Idonno... played half an hour of it.

  • Hardly played this, which is strange because I played the hell out of VF4.

  • To be fair, this is probably the game on this list I've played most - but I only played it up until the first pick-pocket mission, and got frustrated enough to never return to the game.

  • I played roughly a couple of hours (with cutscenes this isn't even that much actual play-time), and it didn't draw me in.

  • Tried it out once, and that's about it.

  • well, yeah. Haven't played it.

    I played the demo multiple times though.

  • Played a mission I believe.

    Seriously... what was I even doing purchasing this for console anyway?

  • I played very little of this - which (once again) is strange, because I played the demo a fair amount.

  • Strange thing. I bought it for PS2 and had every intend to play it, but a save-file for this game is HUGE, and I couldn't find my big memory-card.

    Now I've found the memcard, but honestly havent turned on my PS2 in ages, so this remain unplayed.

  • Remains unopened... and I even liked the demo enough to play it multiple times.

  • played roughly 15 minutes of it and got irritated at Wiki.

  • It's still unopened. I remember seriously considered getting the game when I got my first current-gen console.

    I picked it up for almost nothing at some point.