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my newly built pc

I built my latest PC the other week, it consists of:

What I bought:
motherboard: GA-MA790X-UD4P  <-- takes DDR2 ram
processor:      AMD Phenom II X2 550 (dual core but I was able to unlock the other 2 cores)
RAM:                2x2gb (PC2-8000) Mushkin Redline 
GFX:                 XFX 5750
What I had:
RAM:               2x1gb (PC2-6400) Geil 
sound:            X-fi extreme music
case, mouse, keyboard, etc...
The 5750 should be decent. The cpu is nice, I got lucky that it could unlock all 4 cores. You need the proper motherboard and some luck that you get a cpu that has two disabled working cores, and not two disabled busted cores. The 550 is said to be a quad core, that has two disabled cores and is sold as a dual core.
I installed Win7 Pro x64


24 - season ending episode (S07E13)

You gotta be kidding me. Quinn disables Jack via some chemical gas, in episode 13, and doesn't kill Jack when he's vulnerable; instead he attempts to frame Jack in a murder.. what the F?

24 is so stupid. In episode 14, Jack kills Quinn..... Quinn, a professional, wanted to play patty cakes with Jack in episode 13? Why leave a loose end in 13? Very unprofessional.

The latest episode had a scene where a guard, of the port, helped the bad guys secure the trailer with WMD inside. The guard was then guided to "the back", by a bad guy, where he would "receive" his money. The common theme is that he'll just be killed rather than paid.

Fast forward in that episode a little and we learn that it didn't matter that Jack knew of the WMD and the bad guys or anything. The logic was that there was not enough time for Jack to inform the authorities so they could stop the attack... so why the hell would you want to take out the guard?? Because all other shows do it? It's silly, I think the writers just trying to fill in time.

Why put Jack in a situation where he could've been killed by Quinn? If Jack were killed the authorities would not be able to piece together further developments. What a dumb show.


i dont have time to think of a creative title field, maybe

I kinda like the idea of using "lesser known" actors/actresses. You have all of these 'big' name people taking part in RA3, the game should be solid. If the game is not solid, one could complain and say "hey, you should have saved money and hired cheaper actors and focus on the game."

Here people talk of Kari Wuhrer... who the hell was Kari Wuhrer before RA for gamers? But Jenny McCarthy? Everybody knows her; it's like big deal.

But this is EA, they want the glitz and stuff. They want to dazzle you with glitz rather than through gameplay. They could have created more maps and more cut scenes with cheaper actors??? some more cgi? maybe they can include "Ant" levels? include extra hidden vehicle assets??? but this is EA, they don't do that stuff. The game isn't even out yet, but I am predicting it... I mean this is EA folks.

Hell... at least Kane should appear somewhere in the RA3, for old times' sake.